retrofitting a Tempest 180

How hard would it be to retrofit the old Wilderness Systems hatches of a Tempest 180 with the newer Kajak Sport hatches? What I really mean is are the two hatches compatible size-wise? I.e. would the KS fit where the SW had been? Superman? Steve?

I suspect they arn’t the same size and shape. Also the flange for the rubber hatches is much different.

Bill H.

I would say measure them, compare them to a new Tempest Pro, or better yet go to a shop that stocks Kajaksport hatches/rims and see if they fit before you rip the old hatches off.

Since WS switched to the Kajaksport I suspect they’ll fit but I wouldn’t try the switch until I was 100% sure.

what year is your boat?
WS has switched hatch styles a few times.

Direct from Steve Scherrer himself - on the Tempest owners Yahoo board: the new Chinese composite Zephyrs and Tempests are being equipped w. Kajaksport hatches despite an earlier announcement that they would bear the new “dome” type WS OEM design (which is found on their rotomoulded Tempests and Zephyrs from 2010 onwards, and maybe the 2009s as well).

Other than that, buy where you can return if they don’t fit your T180. Because it is not just the hatch size, it is also the depth/thickness of the hatch “necks” or collars.

more details
I assume you’re talking about removing the WS hatches and rims, yes?

I am talking about removing the WS hatch covers & rims. And to answer friendlyfire’s question, it’s not my boat yet! :wink: It’s an older model. Pre Chinese-era, I think. With the older proprietary hatch covers. I’m asking because I am thinking of buying it, and would want to change the hatch covers & rims if I did.

It is possible to cut off the old and bolt/seal in the new. It takes a set of KS hatches and rims and a dremel tool. I can send you the directions if ya want.


good to know!
I have occasionally eyed a used Tempest because I think they’re good boats, but I pass quickly when I think about some bad experiences I had with flooding hatches and blown covers.

It’s encouraging to know that the KS rims are a close enough size to cut out the old ones.

What sort of sealant/adhesive works best for attaching the rims?

as always the answer is…

The answer to adhesives is almost always Lexcel, sometimes it’s 5200, but 90% of the time it’s Lexcel.

tempest 180 hatches.
i have an old quite beat up tempest 170 that i really like, but i wouldnt mind putting on a new hatch on the rear…if possible…by the way. i think the new hatches

on the new rotos are very nice…i have quite new T165

and i got a new zephyr today…very nice plastic boats. the best ive seen.

I love my Zephyr…

tempest 180 hatches etc
yea im very happy with the wilderness poly boats. the more i check out other stuff, the more i love them.

oilcanning, yes but so far no permanent damage. leak hatches…some water gets in if i spend lots of time upside down. the new hatches seems great to me.

i consider a composite tempest for longer trips. i saw the new composite tempests yesterday. the looked really nice…and steve S seems like a great guy.

Steve is a good guy
and I am the proud new owner of a Tempest 180

im going on a weeklong trip tomorrow searching for wind and waves in the southern part of norway.

theyve had serious storms in europe . maybe im lucky.

ill take the old 170 roto…it might not be the fastest on flatwater, but its awesome in conditions.

Took quite a while to decide on that one, yes? How does it paddle?