Retrofitting deck bungees on a kayak

I was recently given a rarely used Perception Swifty 9.5 kayak–my neighbor acquired it and found kayaking was not for her.

I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but I would like to have deck bungees installed. The kayak currently has no hardware for stowage. Is it possible to retrofit deck bungees onto the kayak? I’ve seen kits for sale but am wondering if it’s adviseable to drill into a perfectly good boat for the sake of installing these bungees.

Any advice on this or other storage methods would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Short answer
Yes it is possible.

Yes it is advisable to drill into “a perfectly good boat”

You aren’t drilling into the hull, eh?

perfectly ok…
…to drill into the hull…Hey,the manufacturers do it !!! Just be sure to add a few drops of a sealant like Goop or simliar under the fittings so they don’t leak. also It’s a good idea to use stainless steel bolts/nuts/washers to attach the bungee hardware. I would not use screws as these can pull out and leave a bigger hole than when you started. I use the nylon SS lock nuts and SS flat washers on my boats. Don’t use lock washers , they will just chew up the plastic and u don’t need them if you use the nylon lock nuts. You’ll have to decide which is better, flat head Phillips or oval head Phillips bolts. good luck

Thanks for the advice. The only part of the hull I’m drilling into is the deck (the top). It will not affect the water-tight integrity.

NRS deck rigging kit
Everything you need:

Great advice. Thanks! I’ll look into the stuff you suggested. Still nervous about screwing it up, though. LOL

Rule #1
measure once …

measure twice…

measure 3 times…then drill !!!

I did it to two of the same boats
quite a few years ago.

The first hole hurts the worst!

All the rest are easy.

Most paddle shops sell the two hole pad eyes and the bungee cord.

Also West Marine carries them.

Jack L