reverse low brace roll with ww paddle

I’ve got my greenland paddle reverse low brace pretty well dialed in, but I can’t seem to get my paddle mechanics working in that reverse gear for my ww paddle. I tried unsuccessfully last night to get a white water play boat to roll up with this move. Any hints?

which one?
Are you talking about a backdeck roll? Or a reverse sweep? Or a sweep with a forward finish?

this roll

but with a white water paddle and a non extended paddle.

Reverse Sweep,

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likely the backdeck roll if you're doing in low brace like Greenland style. Even in regular grip, the inboard blade won't bang into the boat because of the shorter boat and the quicker rotation. Good body rotation along a vertical axis, following the head lead, is important. The other important factor is blade offset. Less is better because the inboard won't fight you as much if it has little or not offset. I have much more successful with my 15 degree offset than my 45 offset. The latter paddle, I can't seem to do a reliable backdeck roll on the right hand side.

Reverse sweep with high brace, Styr roll, really is not any different from a C2C because you rely more on an explosive hipsnap at 90 degree to boat. The only difference is where you initiate the sweep -- bow or stern.



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I don't think I've ever tried that roll before. I have done that with my GP and with an extended Euro, but if I guess it probably would work with a standard grip Euro paddle. Typically I skip that whole awkward setup phase and go straight into a playboating backdeck roll with a whitewater paddle. It is a much quicker forward finishing low brace roll. Those who are really good can roll their whitewater kayaks with their entire heads above the water. Right now the most I can get is my eyes above the water. Here's a link to a good description:

yeah feathering makes a big difference
I can backdeck roll with my 30 degree feathered paddle easily on my left side but I get stuck on my right side due to the right blade catching the water as I try to roll. I’ve tried my offside with a zero degree paddle and it’s a snap. This is one of the many reasons why my next WW paddle will be a zero degree offset.

I’ve got a 30 degree feather
on my lendal, for me I’m oblivious to the feather right now, not sure that’s impeding me, as I’m fairly certain I’m getting a climbing angle on the blade.



ahh thanks for the visuals

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I hadn't seent these anywhere.

I think working off of a 1/2 roll might be a good starting point for me.

BTW unrelated but it always pisses me off:

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yeah that bugs me too
I use firefox but i typically switch to IE when I visit chrisj’s site.

Oh and in regards to the back deck roll, it really takes a real commitment in regards to throwing your body back. Also it is important to get the bracing blade in the water as soon as possible and to keep the elbows in tight. It’s definitely a fun roll although I’ve never really tried it in a sea kayak.

GP reverse roll
Keith, you mentioned the blade angle. For for the GP version of the “reverse-roll” that I perform, the sweep does virtually nothing (many Greenland rolls rely heavily on sweep – this one doesn’t). In fact, many Greenlanders do the sweep with the working paddle plade completely out of the water. The recovery is done same as for the chest scull. With the blade in the forward quadrant, my mental keys are to raise the working paddle blade clear of the water and then to lower it quickly, at the same time I perform a forward leaning hipsnap. I don’t recall if I have tried this particular roll with an EP. I’d bet that most of the Greenland rolls can be done with an EP, although the feathering and width of the blade can make some of them much more awkward. To that effect, someone wrote to me that they can perform the under-the-hull sculling roll with an EP!

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