Reversed a carbon crank for more paddlin

torque today. It’s a brand name, but I am not advertising, but writing about a concept.

I was lake paddling casually, which is fine with this “low angle” carbon crank, when I encountered a head wind.

So, I tried reversing the paddle, meaning I put the extended paddle edge towards the canoe, rather than towards the outside, and used a high angle paddling stroke.

The result was remarkable, in that I had more paddling torque. I was able to handle that headwind much better than I would have with the “normal” paddling style.

Can this be explained?

I can’t completely explain it
but high angle double blade paddling is inherently more powerful. There’s no such thing as a low angle ww paddling style, because low angle can’t get the job done.

Low angle is good when you’re in a fast sea kayak and have to paddle all day. It reduces strain on the limbs and body. But some are up to high angle sea kayaking.

I advise all canoeists intending to use a double blade to set up for high angle paddling. A comfortable seating or kneeling position is high enough that a high angle style is almost necessary. It allows a shorter paddle with shorter blades too.

I don’t follow you
Are you saying you used the paddle upside down? Or did you use the backface of the blade?

I think you did get it,
with upside down.

Try it, and let us know what you think.

mental edge
As i understand it, the reason for the asymmetry of the blades (long top edge, short bottom edge, when held right side up) is to promote a smooth and flutter free entry and exit of the blade in the water. Once the full blade is in the water during the power phase, the shape doesn’t matter so much.

So i think the feeling of more torque you felt is probably due to the higher angle of stroke you mentioned. But if turning the paddle upside down gives you that mental edge, i say go for it!