reversed polarity of compass

I own 4 compasses , I noticed one of them has apparently reversed polarity , the North needle is pointing South . My other compasses are ok & all 4 are stored together.I’m baffled , is there anyway using magnets to correct this problem. Perhaps I should just pitch it , I have had it for many years & really like it , I would hate to throw it out . It is luquid filled with a stainless casing. thanks,Danny

Sell it to an Australian.

Save it for…
… the next pole shift!

Tag it
Just attach a tag.

“Red pointy end points South”

What you have is not a compass…
…it’s called a “tates”. Which gives rise to the old saying:

“He who has a tates is lost.”


You could still use it no?
You could still use it, no?

Could you still use it, no?
is there an echo in here?



LOL…everybodys a comedian ! LOL

Cause, Effect and Cure
From the Silva website

Reversed Polarity

Golden Rule - Any make or type of magnetic compass, should be kept well clear of magnets and magnetic fields.The SILVA compasses are manufactured in the non-magnetic compass factory in Sweden.

Cause - Magnetic fields exist around, some car seat belts, electrical circuits, etc. and RAPID movements within inches of these items, or even ferrous (containing iron) metal, an iron gate or fence for example, may affect polarity of the needle.

Effect - The needle either becomes sluggish and slow to settle (it may appear to stick and look out of balance) if its polarity is partially reversed, or may reverse its polarity completely. In the latter case, the “North” (usually red) seeking end of the needle will point South.

Cure - Quickly stroke the “South” pole of a strong magnet outwards along the “North” end of the needle. Repeat vice-versa. Compare with a compass that is known to be correct.

Question on “cure”
“Cure - Quickly stroke the “South” pole of a strong magnet outwards along the “North” end of the needle. Repeat vice-versa.”

My, er uh ‘magnet’ has also started pointing South if you know what I mean. Think that cure would work?

Does It Have a Mirror Top?
Does it have a miror top so that it reads correctly when read in the mirror?

That is a survey tool. I had one. I forget why they do it that way

I had one reverse also,and didn’t know why ,but tried the magnet trick and it worked.Hasn,t failed yet and that was over three years ago.Try it.

Mariner’s compass, perhaps?..
…My dad had what looked to be a compass with the

rose of which was kind of “backwards,” ie, E was

on the left, and the numbers were similarly rearranged.

i don’t exactly remember why, but I think I

remember him telling me it was a way of shortening

the calculation to determine the course of

approaching ships.

Not at all sure my memory is correct from what

must have been 45+ years ago.