Reviewing Canoes for Fishing???

Hello. My FI and I are looking for a canoe that is around 14’ for fishing. We were looking at a Sportspal, Aluminum but we may be shying away from that route and today we looked at a Mad River Anger Canoe, 14’ and made of that Royal X material. The canoe was $1000. Any comments or suggestions about this topic will be greatly appreciated!!

P.S. We plan to float rivers and maximum of class II-III rapids.

well , I think you need to seperate …
… the fishing canoe from the WW canoe to start .

Although I reckon you can fish from a canoe that is designed to handle class II-III WW , I doubt you will be fishing while in that WW . And if it is truely designed to handle class III , I doubt you’ll enjoy fishing from it to much .

It is possible to get through “some” class II in a nice rec. fishing canoe safely , but only because it’s in your way and you need to momentarily … I do not believe the same holds so true for class III .

My suggestion for a nice fishing tandem canoe is a longer boat , 16’-17’ with around 35"-36" beam , and some depth (volumn) .

As an example , my canoe fishing time has been spent 90% on the rivers , and I chose Old Town boats that are either recreation or expedition class in 16’-17’ lengths . I’ll avoid being in any heavier WW with them when at all possible , but sometimes you just have to go through some , and it has always worked so far . If I would ever be in doubt about my canoe or my ability to pass through any WW , I wouldn’t try to go through it , I’d go around whether that be by shore or a better river course .

Get a longer canoe , a stable canoe , a good tracking canoe (but not a keeled one for rivers) , and enjoy the fishing . Shoot the little rapids and rushes when safe .

I messed around with lots of cheap junk before i found the Crow Wing model. These are the best out there! I bought the 1080 model from.

If you’re willing to trade a little weight for a big savings in money. Have a look at an Old Town Guide 147. They’re a little heavy at 75lbs. but are excellent 2 person fishing canoes. New for $500. Comfy seats too.

OT Appalachian…

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OT's Appalachian would be pretty good for you two...
16'+, 67lbs(+). Link will show 3 possibilities...although Tripper may be a little LARGE...


an aluminum might be noisy. scares away the fish.

have a Sportspal and an Old Town Hunter 14’ made of roylex. Both have been great boats. The sportspal is a 12’ version I bought used and use it it when I want to fish alone. I use the Old Town other timnes. I like the Roylex material and I can easily carry the canoe around and load it by myself. The hunter model I have is wide and very stable and is similar to the Guide series mentioned here. They are expensive new but can be found much cheaper used which is the way I went. Don’t know where you are located but I may have a line on one if you are interested.

Mad River 14 TT
I have one and I’ve run white water with it and used it for fishing. It is a great boat but not a big load carrier.

too small

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Steer clear of the sports pal if your planning on fishing fast water. These things are beer can thin and not up to the task. The angler is a good one but OMHO, you want a longer boat if your going to be fishing two guys (and running some rapids.) 14' is good for solo but gets small and overloaded fast for two full grown guys. The longer boat will give you more control and MUCH increased buoyancy.
My shopping list would include : 15-17' in length, Roylex (for lightness and durability), 36-39" beam, for initial stability, ( to a lesser extent), keel-less hull( for better control /safety in fast water.). Stay clear of anything with too much arch/roundness in the bottom if you want to stand to fish on occasion.
You should be able to fins something that fits this bill for $600 or less in your local Craigslist/Ebay listings without looking to long or hard. FWIW, I've been very happy with my old town boats and especially my current OT Osprey 155.

Solo or no go!
Great question trout_lily!

I have done some tandem canoe fishing and now only fish out of solo boats. Many here have said 2 guys in a 14’ is way to close and they are correct. I think 2 guys in the same 20’ boat is too close! I prefer seperate boats.

Friday, I am floating with 3 great freinds and we will have 3 boats. If one wants to fish a pool longer than I, he can stay and fish as long as he wants. If the other wants to fish the bank and I don’t want to, no problemo. We still catch up with each other thru out the day and socialize and really enjoy each others company but I fish where I want how long I want and it’s a beautiful thing.

Go buy an OT Pack or a Wenonah Vagabond or Mohawk Solo 14 or take a tandem and put a center seat in it or whatever and fish out of it solo. Someone mentioned Craig’s list or Ebay to get a used one at half price…that is sage advise! I bet you after a few floats in your own boat and your pals in thier own boats, none of you will ever want to go back to tandems.

Just a thought worth about 2 cents.

Best of luck finding the right boat,

Derek (aka Boyscout here and there)