Reviews for Tsunami 120 and 125?

I know that the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 120 and 125 are fairly new models but has anyone out there paddled and/or purchsed one yet? How does it compare to the 140 and 145? Other thoughts or suggestions? I’ve been checking the product review section since they came out but nothing on them has shown up yet.

Tsunami 120
Hi there! I am a brand new convert to the sport of kayaking! After spending about a month on this, and, other sites researching kayaks, and, trying to narrow down my choices, I finally went to my friendly neighborhood outfitter ready to make my purchase. Fortunately, they have an indoor pool, so I went knowing I would have an opportunity to “test drive” the boats before making my final decision. I had narrowed my choice to 2 boats, but, when I got there they strongly urged me to give the Tsunami 120 a try, as well. It was the last boat I paddled, and, the instant I sat inside, I knew it was “the one”! If you have the opportunity, you really should try the boat out before purchasing it - it’s the only way you’ll know if you and the boat are a good fit. I haven’t had a chance to take it out on the water yet, since I still have to buy the car rack, PFD, other accessories, etc., but, for that brief moment in time when I was paddling around in the pool, it felt like a dream - it was SOOOOOOO comfortable, I feel like I could paddle all day in it. Whether that’s really true, I can’t say at this point. I’ll just have to wait until I take it out for it’s maiden voyage! If you’d like to email me, I can give you more info once I’ve had a chance to take it out for a real ride. I’ve also signed up for a full day’s private instruction in October to learn all the things I don’t even know that I need to know about kayaking, wet exits, self-rescue, etc. It’s important to learn as much as you can, especially if you’re like me and will be paddling solo more often than not. I’m really jazzed about all this, and, I can’t wait to get out there and have some fun. In my very humble opinion, I think it will be a great little kayak - one that I can grow with as my skill level increases. Good luck, and, let me know what you finally decide.

Still yearning to paddle!


I did the same thing
a few weeks ago. I went to an LL Bean paddlefest and demo’ed several yaks. While there the dealer recommended I try the Tsunami 125. It was love at first site. I could not believe how nice it paddled. After testing it I went back and paddled several other boats again and again. I kept coming back to the 125. Well one went home with me that day and I am completely happy with the purchase. I did 2 1/2 hours this evening. Tracks well, very comfortable, very good in the wind, extremely stable and pretty quick. Try one your like it.

yep and yep
and the 120/125 are very similar to the 140/145 in cockpit size, fit, stability, BUT 2’ longer, so a little more glide, gear capacity, and weight. Longer to turn and maneuver. More of a multi-day boat, if camping is an option.

day boat size small/med- Ts-120

day boat size large/ XL- Ts-125

touring boat size small/med- Ts-140

touring boat size large/XL- Ts-145

sea yak size small- Ts-160

sea yak size Med/large- Ts-165

sea yak size large/XL-Ts-175

very similar characteristics across the board. demo paddle it if you can!


I’m big
Right now I go about 240 pounds with a sizeable belly. ( I am working on reducing it ) Do you think I’d fit into the 125 or 145?

Recently I went to a paddlefest. I could not get into the Tempest 160(?) I was feeling bad about that, until I watched several other folks attempt to get in and not have any luck.

I believe
the 160 is designed for smaller paddlers. I would be looking at the 145 if that is the length you want.

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I wasn’t clear.
I’m asking about the Tsumani. The yak I couldn’t get into was the Tempest.

I do plan to visit a dealer and try one out, but I was just curious if Steve thought I’d fit in either Tsunami considering I didn’t fit in the Tempest.

the 125 and 145 and 175 are ALL BIG. and the Tempest 170 is medium. the Tempest 180 is BIG, as well, but for now only comes in f/g.

you will fit in the Ts- 125/145/175.




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The 125 should be big enough for you. The biggest problem is how tall you are. I am 6" 200 and have plenty of room.

I’ll give them a try!!

Seems to float alright

Another newbie in her Tsunami 120 first paddle.

Tsunami 120
I was given the Tsunami 120 as a gift for fathers day…really wanted the 125 but, after paddling both, am delighted with the 120. I’m fairly big (216 lbs.) but fit very comfortably in the cockpit. It tracks beautifully and turns well, once you get the hang of it. Highly recomend!