Reviews of solo canoes

Does anyone know of a site that allows you to review a number of solo canoes without looking up each brand and model (like being able to sort a data base of all canoes by “solo”).

The reviews on this site are great but I would like to be able to sort all brands by “solo” so I could see the various models together.

I am thinking about buying another solo specifically for solo tripping and am looking for a good model at around 40 pounds or lighter. I currently have a We-No-Nah Vagabond (royalex) that I use for tripping and like it. Am considering the kevlar light version but want to consider other brands also.

do it right her under "Buyers’ Guide"
Just specify your price range, pick the “traditional” option, and select “solo”

You can then sort by length or whatever you want.

This doesn’t provide the reviews, but it does help to show you what’s out there for you to consider. You can then read the reviews you choose.

I did that earlier and it isn’t too bad. I was hoping there was some site that included the review with the canoe information.

for me, the best reviews come from
… posting questions about specific solos on the advice board and getting feedback from people here whom you know and trust.

One thing for sure, people love to participate in discussions comparing and contrasting solo canoes.