Reviews on H2O Paddles

looking at buying a better paddle… reading every review possible… lots of hype around the Werner and Aqua-Bound for sure. Saw the H2O ECO LTW in a store the other day, SUPER light weight!
Can’t say I can find a lot of reviews on them, but the few I have all say good things.
Hoping to find a few H2O owners on here to give their .02 cents on the paddle… looking at the ECO LTW or Crystal X 2.0, 230 cm.

No owners or users of H2O paddles?

@Photecs said:
No owners or users of H2O paddles?

I’m in the U.S. and while I checked out the website, a Google search turned up no H20 dealers in the U.S.

They’re advertised here at Pcom, but must be purchased directly from the Canadian manufacturer. Problematic if you have a warranty issue.

I have an original Crystal-X. Works ok. Interesting method of connection the 2 halves together and changing blade angle, but I found in more aggressive conditions I can accidentally change the blade angle when I don’t want to. If you are near Northern California, I’d let it go pretty cheap. 220 cm red blades.