Rhode Gear (by Yakima) - Landsharks?

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I know Yakima recently purchased Rhode Gear. My local shop has a set of Rhode Gear saddles for a very reasonable $50. I opened them up, and was a bit disappointed to see they are all plastic.

Here's what they look like:


My shop doesn't carry Yakima, but from the picture these look like the Landshark saddles. Are they the same? Anybody ever use these saddles (Rhode Gear)?



Plastic? Well, so’s your boat … : )
All-steel construction of nearly anything like this has gone the way of big station wagons and real rain gutters. Actually, I’m not sure I’d want something that contacts my boat for such long periods of time to be made of anything OTHER than plastic. When designed properly, it’s rigid but compliant, adapts to many different hull shapes, will never rust, and is no harder than your boat.

Having several sets of the Yakima Land Sharks (which I like very much, BTW), I can say that these Rhode Gear saddles are slightly different. Though of a similar general design, there are some minor visible differences, and I cannot speak to their sturdiness or suitability.

Maybe take a look at the Yakimas to compare before buying the RhodeGears; they might be just fine, and fifty bucks is a decent price.

On the other hand, the Yakimas are only a few bucks more, and lots of folks here like them:


You’re certainly right regarding the metal/plastic issue and kayaks. (though I never thought about it that way)… I guess I’m used to my Thule J cradles… they seem well made.

I’d have to purchase a set of the Yakima Mighty Mounts to fit my factor bar if I went with the landsharks. But you’re right, I should try to track a set down and see what the differences are.



yakima purchased Rhode Gear a number
of years back…

those saddles are neat tho-i konw some sailors who attached those to their deck so that they could carry their kayaks on their sailboats…

not bad design…Rhode Gear is originally from Rhode Island (get it?) and there are lots of people who still use those saddles out here…

50$ no a bad deal…BUT not a great deal…

all plastic-i use Malones exclusively and they are plastic…never had a problem…


What is it about them that you don’t

Unless it is the method of mounting them that looks a little flimsey.

I glued pieces of indoor/outdoor carpet on my Yakama older model saddles so that it was easier to slide a big heavy kayak on them from the rear of the vehicle.



I guess my beef is that the way the saddles attach to the factory crossbars. Rather thin plastic. I don’t know if I’d trust them here in MN when temps start dropping.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Rhode Gear models, but they sure seem a bit cheaply made to me. I’ll figure something out.