Rhode Island & Cape Cod kayaking

I’m planning a few days in Rhode Island and Cape Cod and was hoping to get some paddling in.

Can anyone reccommend locations and put-ins in Providence RI and Chatham Mass?


Not too sure around Providence, but i live on the east bay of Rhode Island (195) in Bristol, and Colt State Park has some great places you can launch from. Barrington has a beach, but you need to be a resident to use this are during the day.

you can utilize this link to learn more about Colt State park, and the admission is free!



Sakonnet point is very nice. there are a bunch of offshore rocks, Islands and a very scenic lighthouse. We found an EZ place to park out at the end of the road and an EZ put in/ boat ramp.

If there were any ‘conditions’ this would be an exciting place to paddle! fun for some, scary for the unprepared.


Paddling RI and Cape Cod
Here’s a link to a great source for info on paddling in RI. I can’t open the site right now (must be down for some reason) so I can’t tell you exactly what to look for, but there are several sections that contain details directions on how to get to many areas… including some great spots on the Cape. Another section has trip reports that describe a few of these locations. There is also a link to a site that has weather and maps for many locations.


Look for info on URI Bay campus and Jamestown for some great sea kayaking. On the Cape you can look at Pleasant Bay … many locations there. Also in Orleans Easton there are several outlets to the ocean.

To echo others, I’d paddle out of Ft Wetherill in Jamestown (One of my faves), or Sakonnet Point.

If you go out of Ft Wetherill, you have access to some of New England’s prettiest coastline that’s not in Maine, and also have the option to go up the bay, or across to Newport. Just be wary of Beavertail Point at the south end of Jamestown — it’s claimed more than it’s share of kayaks.

Sakonnet is similar in that you can go up the Sakonnet River (not really a river, it’s actually part of the bay), or out into the ocean towards the Westport River.

There are several launches in Chatham, but you need good local knowledge to paddle there, because the sandbars & Monomoy Is move year to year, and you could be in for a long slog thru the mud if you’re not careful. Waquoit Bay in Falmouth is more fun, IMO.

Have fun, no matter where you end up going!


What part of Chatham do you plan to paddle? If you’re planning on paddling around Monomoy, there are several put-ins in and around Stage Harbor. It seems that most of the roads that go down to the water have some form of access. I’ve put in at Harding Beach in the off season, but I don’t know if you can launch there in the summer.

If you want to paddle the marsh area, you can put in at the boat ramp at the Goose Hummock kayak store on Rt. 28 in Orleans.

Lot’s of places to kayak on Cape Cod
Here’s a place for one stop info on a lot of them: www.kayakcapecod.com

The Providence River and upper Narragansett Bay are pretty industrial in nature (but it is improving) The other recs you got for the Sakonnet River would ensure you a paddle in cleaner water - However, I recall hearing about kayaking right thru downtown Providence (the river was uncovered and cleaned up as part of a renewal project a few years ago) but I can’t find the link - maybe some of the RI outfitters can help.

Pleasant Bay - Orleans & Chatham…

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...and Little Pleasant Bay are very... ummm... pleasant places to paddle, protected but can still get quite choppy. Try to be there in the upper half of the tide, or you will pull and walk a lot, unless you know the channels well.

There is a launch at the extreme southern-western tip of Pleasant Bay, off rt 28 near the Harwich-Chatham line. There are a couple more on Meeting House Pond in East Orleans, which is at the extreme northern end of the string of bays, tidal streams and ponds. You can decide based on the wind forecast.


Sakonnet trip this Saturday at 10 A.M.
The Rhode Island Canoe/Kayak Association is having a trip out of Sakonnet this Saturday. For details, go to: www.ricka.org

, then select “sea kayaking”. On the sea kayaking page, chose “trip calendar”. Click on the trip(s)

for Saturday the 28th, and the information (including directions) will be there (note: this is a strange calendar, with Sunday listed at the END of the week!). Hope you can make it…bring a helmet if you have a tendency to get close to rocks in the surf.