Ride 135 wilderness systems

Anybody had a chance to demo this one? how does it compare to the Liq.Logic manta ray & the heritage redfish?

I’ve paddled the Ride 135 in a demo
pool. It did well for me, though couldn’t get it up to speed in the 40 or so feet of the pool. Big tankwell, comfortable, and, from all I’ve read on texaskayakfisherman.com by owners, it paddles easily. Its not as fast as a Tarpon 160, but a hell of a lot drier than an T-140. Good big man’s kayak. Probably compares well to the Manta Ray 140 and the Redfish. The Manta Ray has everyone beat on the seat. Plush.

I paddled the old model
I loved it. If I had been able to afford the $700 they were asking, I’d have had one. Instead I got an SOT given to me by my dad. Step-Mom got so she couldn’t sit with her legs straight out in front of her anymore and they got a canoe. Free is better than $700. But I still like The Ride real well.

I paddled it not in a pool, but in a high and rising Shenandoah River. High enough that they weren’t letting just anyone demo, just certain folks. Fortunately the demo rep and I had some mutual friends enough that he trusted me that I wasn’t going to die and was able to get out. So, on a high and rising river, I started out against current, got up to speed quickly, ferried between a few eddies, turned it around, and paddled back to the starting point with full control and comfort. Loved the boat. I still want one, but the plastic armada needs to shrink before it can grow again. And I need a cataraft. Not want. Need.

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I had the old Ride for a little while and it was a great all around yak. I could stand on it, and flyfish, and it was great in rivers - no keel but pontoon shape on either side of the hull, so maneuvered well. I’d buy another if it was the right price which is what I gave the guy I sold mine to. I only sold because I needed to buy another computer as my old one crashed. I’ve seen the new Ride 135 up close, and its very nice. The new model has a keel down the center so should track even better, but I think the old one is probably more maneuverable. I bought a Sportspal canoe cheap for standing in, and just bought a Perception Napali for a great price to get back into the sit on top, always have to have one. Its fast but heavy, the only drawback. If I had the bucks I’d spring for a new Ride, standing should be even easier, WS flattened out the cockpit even more, and even though the new model is wider, its faster as well.

If you like pontoon hulls,
take a look at Native Watercraft’s Ultimate. Its ca canoe/kayak sort of thing.

comfy seat on manta ray
Just thought I’d throw out a quick comment.

I have the Manta Ray 14 (love it!) and yes the seat is really comfortable. Just thought I’d mention that the only other kayak I’ve paddled (demo) that had a seat that was just as comfortable or perhaps more comfortable was the Hobie Quest.

I’ve Paddled It
Just this past weekend I paddled the new WS Ride. It paddled quite well, but I purchased a LL Manta Ray 12 for one primary reason. The Manta Ray handled my weight significantly better. I weigh about 240. About 1/2 inch of water came through the scuppers on the Manta Ray, barely getting to my heels. Water streamed in on the WS Ride, surging up to the seat. The Ride is supposed to handle 400 lbs compared to 350 for the MR12, but that is not my experience. The Ride tracked better. The MR12 was easier to paddle, but required more adjustments because it is rockered. I paddle on lakes, but also on some very crooked rivers, so I wanted something that turns easier. The Ride tracked nicely, but did not turn as easily… duh!!! (smile) It would have been a lot harder decision if I were significantly lighter. My local dealer doesn’t stock either the MR14 or the WS Tarpon 14, but they told me that the Ride was drier than the WS Tarpon 12 for a guy my size, so I didn’t even try it. Overall, I found the MR12 comfortable and seaworthy… and I think I’ll acquire the paddling skills to keep it going in a straight line, when desired, with a little practice. Tracking was the only thing close to a downside with the Manta Ray.

Water in a SOT has little to do with
ability to handle weight. Some are just wetter than others. I’ve heard it both ways with the Ride. Some over 225 find it wet, others that weight and heavier don’t. The Manta Ray is a fine kayak though and has a much better seat, probably the best stock seat in the business. As for turning, the MR 12 is shorter so should turn quicker.

Anyone here know how the Malibu Extreme would compare to the WS Ride, or the Manta Ray 12 or 14. Also tell me the difference would between the Manta Ray 12 and 14.

Manta Ray 12 vs 14 is a matter of
the length, weight capacity, tracking, and speed/glide being better in the 14. On the other hand, the 12 will turn more quickly. The 12 does fine, its more one of nuances than major differences other than the glide and even that isn’t all that major. There’s an insignificant difference in price.

Go with the Manta Ray 14
I went to a canoe/kayak expo this past weekend. I bought a Manta Ray 14 sight unseen based on a couple months of reading reviews looking at pics & rereading reviews. I thought sure upon going to this expo I’d find a craft I’d have preferred I didn’t. I paddled The Ride a Tarpon & the perception search, all boats I considered when I got my Ray. I’m happy to say I didn’t make the wrong choice. As other posters said it holds very little water, the seat is a God send stability is great. Given opportunity to do it all over I’d stick with this boat.

is one of the most important factors to me. How does the Manta Ray 12 compare to the Ride 135?

Either is a very stable platform.
The Ray will shine in paddling, though.

Malibu Pro Explorer
Hope this isn’t getting off Fishinfoflounder’s subject too much, but how would a Malibu Pro Explorer compare to the Manta Ray 12 and the WS Ride 135? I don’t know it this is of any importance, but the Malibus and the Liquid Logic both have lifetime warrantees. Also, I think the Malibu Pro Explorer has foam flotation. I was thinking that may be because it would be used more for the ocean. My main reason for asking about all these crafts is the stability. I am choosing 12 footers, except in the 135 for maneuverability.

Ride 135
fishinfoflouder, there is what I think is a good view of the Ride 135 on my message “Malibu Pro Explorer” The auther didn’t specify iof it was, but I got the idea that it was the 135. By the way, I am close enough to the cost, that I may use a yak to drift for flounder here. I used to do that lot a few years back in my 15 ft trihull boat, that I no longer have.

I would like to know how maneuverable the Ride 135 is compared to some other 12 ft Yaks. Will the extra foot or so make this one not for me?

everyone quit searching and asking questions and get a Malibu X-Factor, it paddles better than the OK big game, has a 650 lb weight limit, 2 12"x15" hatches mounted in the middle and back, a huge front hatch you can put big cooler or tackle box in, a big big tank well in the back, tons of places to mount rod holders, fish finders, gps mounts… 33" wide, stable enough to stand in and fish or pole standing up and very very dry… I have mine, wouldn’t trade it for a jon boat with a motor and trailer… It’s big and heavy but its meant to be paddled and I’ve had mine up to 5 MPH heading into a slight wind with my GPS. Lifetime Warranty!!! Wilderness Systems and OK only give you a year warranty. Go to Malibukayaks.com and go to the forum and read under the malibu x-factor message board, you’ll see how many others love it and why its the best SOT kayak for fishing…

Nice heavy kayak, good one.

X factor
madmoney, I’ve read some on the X factor and I feel it is one of the best from what I’ve read. The reason I’m looking at the Malibu Pro Explorer is that I feel it will be more maneuverable in the small creeks I like to fish in. Also the money for a 1st yak is also a factor in my case. I am also looking at a Manta Ray 12 and a WS 135 Ride.