ride 135 ???

I’ve read the reviews, but most of them are older. Does anyone know how the Ride 135 from Wilderness system actually paddles? I know the ride is 32" wide and I’m use to paddling a 120 Tarpon (the old model) which is 28"'s wide, but it gets too tippy on rivers.

Note: Yes I know, the best thing to do is demo one.

For a barge
the ride 135 is pretty efficient. The pontoon style hull not only makes this a very stable platform, but has great glide per stroke. I paddle/fish out of Tarpon 140 and quite a few of the larger folks I fish with use the Ride 135. I find that the Ride paddlers are usually 50 or so yards in front of me and I feel I am a pretty efficient paddler. The pontoon hull also serves to help the boat track very well in conjunction with the molded in keel. After using my shop’s demo Ride, the only negative I have about it is paddling across strong currents. It seems to get pushed around more than my Tarpon 140 because of the increased beam width. If you are looking for great stability, a comfortable cockpit, and efficiency, the RIde 135 has all three. I hope this helps.

ride’s wet ride
I keep looking for that mythical SOT, but no luck yet…

Demo’d the Ride 135 a couple months ago, because everyone kept recommending it as a good match for my weight. There is a raised lip over an inch-and-a-half high at the front of the seat area. Sitting still on flat water, I was shipping water nearly to the top of that lip, so the least lean to the side would have had me sitting in water. I weigh 300 pounds, so my guess is that you and your gear will need to be well under 250 to be happy with the Ride 135.

This is the driest SOT I’ve paddled.

The Manta Rays.They sit high out of the water but are surprisingly quick and windproof. I have a Tarpon 160 and cannot paddle it without getting my butt wet. That did not happen in a rented Manta Ray.

I hit reply on this message, but thanks to all who responded. As for the message about the wet ride, I always use the scupper plugs anyway. if it gets too wet inside, I just turn my signal on, pull over to the side of the river and pull a plug.

Anyway, I found a 135 on craigslist this morning and bought it, so we’ll see.

new ride
the new ride, which has been out a couple seasons, is a much better ‘ride’ than the old one. not as much of a barge and a better deck.


I bought
Thanks. The one I just bought is a 2008 model with the redesigned hull. I won’t get a chance to try it for a week or so, but I’m looking forward to it. My wife is already trying to name it “the blue dipper”

Post pics of your first outing!!
that would be sick!