Ridgerest seat pad

I have a section of Ridge Rest sleeping pad to glue onto my canoe “bucket” seat. Anyone done this? I was going to use contact cement and after it gets tacky maybe use packing tape every few inches to get good adhesion all around the seat. Maybe use scissors or razor knife to trim it up. Any suggestions? Thanks!!


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I used Ridgerest in place of the factory seat in a QCC kayak. I used a few passes of 3M spray adhesive and it worked well. I think contact cement would be overkill. I initially used a modest amount of adhesive so I could remove it if I didn't like it. I liked it, though, and it has shown no inclination to come loose after 4+ years.

You won’t need packing tape. When that
contact cement is “dry” and you lay that pad in there, just make sure it goes in where you want it, because it ain’t going to move.

Contact cement is a bear
to remove. Try something easier, like spray adhesive. In over 30 years of paddling almost everything I have ever glued in I have wanted to remove at some point

wear factor
sleeping and paddling, different rates



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Why on earth would you recommend 'nylon annular threaded auto body fasteners', a ridiculous and useless solution to the question at hand? Seriously, the moronic Google searches you post are not just pointless, they are hostile. Is it really that much fun to jerk around people who are asking genuine questions?



I’m not finding a source for a simpler pop in hole design used by Current Designs.

There is blog info on using tech sleeping pads for non sleeping use age with increased wear a factor. Non tech pads eg Walmarts Basic Blue hold up…that’s polyolefine ?

Gluing an untested material to your butt has consequences.

The fastener approach asks for a more solid flat surface than very flexible material but maybe the DIY attachment washer is glued onto the pad firming that up

That is, often the DIY is the test area and should not go on as a ‘permanent’ application but a ‘test’ application.

If you find a source for pop in buttons, let us know.

check the specs


one is a low adhesion super mucilage spray for plastics/rubber/oilskin…

3M has an info site with counseling

on that search page this one
on that suggested search page this one is my favorite: http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=http://c.shld.net/rpx/i/s/i/spin/image/spin_prod_1058673812&imgrefurl=http://www.azx7.com/shopping/shopping_mygofer_11.php?page%3D2&h=1900&w=1900&tbnid=2oi1iKfX0job7M:&zoom=1&docid=2CMHOEe0XzXGmM&ei=6-aQVeTOB8HOmwXw54DQBw&tbm=isch&ved=0CGQQMyg-MD4

not sure how that would help holding the seat down?

I have seen many instances
of glued in Ridgerest sections on tractor seats.

In actuality. Not in theory per Google.

They don’t seem to require massive fasteners but merely adhesive.

I have not done it myself as I hate tractor seats but after sitting on Ridgerests in the White Mountains for many years on lunch breaks there is no wear on them from butt or the granite that is prevalent seating.

say KM ?
what are we receiving your posts with ? Hunts Tomato sauce and string or ?

Would you pin down the number of years you sat on these pads ?

Are there photos or witnesses ? If so, please provide an affidavit supporting your claims of years spent on these pads.

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