Rifle River-Michigan

A couple of people that I work with just got back from a kayaking trip on the Rifle River-one girl had never been kayaking before and it was her first experience paddling a yak. She said she liked it- then I found out from another coworker that she took a dump a few times- now I’m going to have to rib her about it! HAHA! I checked the website for Riverview campground and found that it has many riverview campsites- that’s what I like in a campground! I am pesuming that this river empties into Lake Huron-does anybody know how long it takes to paddle this river to the lake? It’ s definite for checking out this season!

Rifle River
How long it will take depends on how fast you travel. It’s about 60 miles total and empties into the Saginaw Bay. Beware of canoe drunks on weekends.

I don’t do weekends
anyway- can’t get those for awhile with my seniority but I don’t care as long as I get away. Are you saying it’s 60 miles in total or 60 miles from the campground to Saginaw Bay?

Rifle River
approx. 60 miles total distance

one more thing…
I recommend getting a copy of the book “Canoeing Michigan Rivers”, it’s very helpful. I believe it has been recently updated. Has maps, good river descriptions, livery info, etc.

Call Ahead
Linda, you may want to call ahead to check on water levels before going.

The Rifle is known to have low water during the summer, especially later on in the year, which can require some walking.