Rigged Ultimate

Anyone willing to share photos of their rigged Native Watercraft ultimate?

Hey only1lord, which lord may that be?

Our Creator. Thanks for asking!

I might be able to help
I just got mine rigged up and spent today on the river fishing. I don’t know how to post pics on this forum but would be willing to email some to you. Below are the mods I made.

  1. Anchor Trolly- I used a Native Watercraft system and mounted it myself. I tied a line to the ring and put a jam cleet at my right hand so I could adjust the position of the ring.

  2. Put a stainless eyelet on the stern to run a line connected to a drag chain through. 10 feet of line seems to be plenty for my river which is usually less than 5 feet deep.

  3. I put a Scotty rod holder with the recessed mount on the right side in the recessed area.

  4. Put to flush mount rod holders in the triangle areas just behind the seat. The rods point towards the rear at a 45 degree angle. I attached leashes with snaps to the holders to keep the rods from falling out in rough water.

  5. Put a paddle holder on the left side of the boat just above the black track. I also tie a paddle leash to the paddle in case I need to just toss it in the water while trolling.

  6. I put the fuzzy side of velcro around the cockpit area. I found small pouches with rough velcro on the back of them. I can stick them around the cockpit anywhere to carry supplies.

    I guess that is it. Lessons learned so far are the drag chain line does not need to be long at all. You need a cleet to hold it and in rivers you can regulate your speed easily by the depth of the chain. In all but the fastest water the chain will stop you if needed. Rig a quick release for your anchor line if you are in strong current. Attach a float to the end of the rope so if you have to release your anchor you can retrieve it. Get a plastic ice cream bucket to drop your anchor and line in. It keeps muck out of the boat.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions or would like for me to send some pics. The boat is at my mountain home right now but I could get you some in a week.

Try This Link
Go to www.texaskayakfisherman.com. You will find quite a lot of archival information and photos of yaks rigged for fishing.

Thanks for the offer. Please send the photos to only1lord@yahoo.com Thanks again! My name is Jim

I like that link! Thanks!