Rigging a nest canoe

Would like to rig a Minnesota II to allow a Jensen 18 to fit inside.

I notice they are doing the same thing with Champlain and a Spirit II.

Anyone know how they are doing that, i.e what hardware would allow the seats and thwarts to be removed and re-installed ? Any other tricks.


Dhoh !! Forgot about the end tanks.

I could remove them, the kev-core should be sufficient to float it (it is in comp cruisers and pro-boats).

I thought about the “drill out and replace pop rivet idea” but the outfitters that are offering nesting kevlar boats must be using re-usable hardware of some sort, that is what I am looking for.

And the seats?
How are the seats mounted? Also, the footbrace. If they are mounted on angle, that will be another consideration to prevent all the stress from going on the one spot. Probably padding it with some fairly stiff foam would work.

I forget if the sliding seat supports are riveted to the plate, or riveted to angle, and then the plate is riveted to them.

Nesting isn’t quite as easy as it seems. I put a 16’ Bluewater Prospector inside a 20’ Tripper XL and it still seemed like a tight fit.

Given how light those boats are, maybe you should just portage them in.

Help w/ concept
Help me understand this concept. Why would you do this? What is the purpose?

stuff more boats in an otter
which is an airplane. Sometimes there are either outright bans on or severe limitations to carry canoes on the pontoons(for every canoe carried that way you have to deduct two people). Ergo they must fit inside. Space inside a plane is at a premium.


fly in
The issue is we are flying in to be dropped off, then crossing Quetico NW to SE diagonally; putting in lots of miles to visit a few special out of the way places (which is why we want to use our own boats, the outfitters offerings are much slower).

An Otter is not available and Canada does not allow a Beaver or other smaller float plant to carry two canoes outside the plane, so the pilots and outfitters have been nesting two canoes and mounting on one pontoon.

We did this up on the Albany River with Royalex boats, worked great except one of the canoes needed to be 16’ to fit inside an OT Tripper, which 16’ is a bit small for a long WW trip and two 200# guys.

This trip is with a MinnesotaII and a Jensen18. I could use nuts and bolts but if the outfitters have been using magic pixie dust :slight_smile: or something more advanced hardware-wise, I would like to know what. There is some pretty cool hardware out there these days.

Nesting is a bit of work and you have to remove thwarts and seats, and possibly the L brackets that mount the seats and foot braces to the hull. With the thwarts out, the outer boat is a bit flexible so there is some give to slip the smaller boat inside.

Was hoping someone has seen what is being used for the outer boat in a nesting pair to re-assemble. If nothing magical is avaialble, just screws and nyl-nuts with lots of spares I guess.