Rigging a PA sail on a canoe?

Anybody got any tips for rigging a 2.2 PA sail on a canoe (I have an OLD TOWN GUIDE 147)?

I currently use my PA sail on my sae kayaks (modified rigging using two sheets and mounted cleats).

Anybody mounted a PA sail on a canoe?



just found this…

They have PA sails rigged fore and aft, balanced like. Very interesting. I’m not sure how I feel about leaving the foot of the sail unsupported though.


I plan on doing this soon
I hope to get one of these sails in the near future,I called all my local Pacific Action dealers and they thought I was nuts.I dont know how they became Pacific action dealers when they dont stock any of them and have no clue how they work.I am going to use a removeable thwart that I made and somehow mount it to that.I have never seen one in person so it’s hard to know if this will work.I plan on installing this on my Penobscot 16.