Rigging a Pungo

I have recently purchased a Wilderness System Pungo. Anyone have any rigging ideas for this boat. Looking to do a little freshwater fishing with it.

Check out
Daves Loger’s Pungo here- http://www.paddle-fishing.com/content-pungorig.aspx

Scotty rod holder
Put a Scotty rod holder or two on it. My configuration is two behind the cockpit, but when I get my new boat, I’ll probably go with one rod holder behind the cockpit and one in front.

You may want to put a paddle holder on the side - just two padeyes with bungee line between them and a clip slightly elevated and mid-way between so that you can run the bungee up to the clip and hold the paddle.

I can’t remember if the Pungos come with deck rigging. If not, add some.

Work decks are a nice luxury.

That’ll get you to a real good start.

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Second the Scotty rod holders. Get the
flush mounts for the rod holders to insert into. Makes a nice smooth finish when you remove the holders and load the Pungo on your vehicle.

Forgot to ask
What’s your location? If you’re near DC, there’s a ton of guys in the area that fish from kayaks who’d be willing to show you their boats.

Usually I recommend that folks take the boat out a few times without rigging it to see where they’d like to put things. You may want to try that.

E-mail me if you’re near DC, especially western Virginia suburbs.

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pungo rigging
I live in the DC area. So MD.

If you’re fishing the Potomac…
If you’re planning to fish the Potomac, especially the upper area between Harper’s Ferry and White’s Ferry, that’s pretty popular among kayak and canoe fishermen. I’ve never seen someone at a launch site refuse to let me look over their boat and talk about their modifications when asked politely.

Keep an eye out on the launches and you’ll meet folks who’ll show you their boats and modifications. You may also want to consider joining the Potomac Rivers Smallmouth Club. There’s a ton of guys in that club who fish from kayaks and would be willing to show you what they’ve done to their boats. I’m not a member because I have a schedule conflict with when they meet, but I know a lot of the guys and they’re all top notch folks who’d give you the shirts from their backs if you were in need.

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pungo 140
I have a pungo too. I have 2 flush mounted rod holders behind the seat and they work great. I have a Scotty in the front/center and it’s too far forward and difficult to reach. I found a couple clamp on rod holders (designed for pontoon boats) that I clamp on the right and left side of the cockpit. They work great for trolling or for just holding rods. I generally take 4 to 5 fishing rigs with me when I go out and this set up handles them well.

Thanks for the info. I saw a pic of a boat that had some sort of clamp on’s. I alos like the idea of making a deck plate that would go in front of the paddler and could hold a rod or two. One made from pexiglass looked pretty cool.

Pungo rigging
Is it pretty easy to install rod holders/scottys? I’m hoping to get a Pungo soon myself, and if I can save money installing it myself - exactly where I want - as opposed to p[aying for the “Angler Package”, I’ll do it.

Its easy to drill a hole for a Scotty
flush mount. What’s not easy is if you put it in the wrong place and the boat has to be repaired. Just be sure it where you want it. One big hole, 4 small holes, the plate, screws and nuts (stainless) or pop rivets, and you are home. Keep the plastic from the hole you cut for the center of the holder, its good for patching if ever needed.

Now that the weather
is getting nice and we are getting ready for the upcoming season are new ideas on rigging the Pungo up for fishing.

Do a little, fish a little
Wouldn’t hurt to fish from your boat and keep everything in the cockpit for a few trips just to pay attention to where your elbows are so you put a rod holder in a place that will interfere with your stroke, or a place that will have a spare rod where it will interfere with you casting/playing in a fish.

Do some easy water that won’t throw you!

Then, go a little at a time or whole hog, but at least you’d know what you wanted.

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That’s too easy Big D, too logical.