Rigging a sail for my QCC

I am checking out getting a sailrig with sponsons currently. I would like your opinion on permanently rigging a holder to the bow for the sail-I know nothing about this-my kayak is kevlar.

BTW it’s a baloghsaildesign

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hopefully in chrome YELLOW and blue. Check out their website of the same name.Add an s to their name and .com


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What type of step will it require? I will go to the site and see if I can get an idea.

I plan on fabricating a "V" sail for my 500 this winter, and will be sewing up a demountable step that attaches to the perimeter ropes with Fastex buckles. But the rig you are comtemplating is much more advanced, so I will reserve further speculation until I go to the Balough site.


Zowie! Atsa some sail rig! Which are you contemplating?

Mast step
Looks like you have to 1) Drill a mast-sized hole somewhere in your deck, and 2) epoxy a step (cup) onto the interior hull to hold the bottom of the mast.

Nice rigs, but too involved (and expensive!) for my taste. Have you checked into Quiver Sails?


Quiver makes a big butterfly sail that requires a deck mount, And somewhere I saw a deck mount that didn’t require cutting a hole thru the deck. The mount here is like a sailboat mast step with the weight of the rig only needs a mount to keep assembly from slipping around.

FWIW Spring Creek has a ton of em
and I immagine one could get an idea of ‘how to’ just by looking thru their catalog at the setups on boats. Not sure I’d want to tackle putting holes in a kevlar boat I owned tho. Maby this is something better left to a pro(?)…Try the question at Noahs Marine site.


Boss rig 38’Batwing Expedition Sail
That should kick some butt eh? HAHA! In chrome YELLOW and blue…

I checked them out
and I don’t think anything compares to the balogh sails-I’ll be cruising nicely with that thing-maybe I’ll kayaksail to Florida!HAHA!

Did you know…

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that QCC is pronounced cue see sea?

I have plans for bobbing the stern
and adding a trolling motor. Only $29.50(US) Eh!

check New South Wales club
at http://www.nswseakayaker.asn.au/magazine/index.htm and search around there. Sails are pretty popular here in Australia.

Thanks Andy-
I checked a few links and found some interesting stuff to read-also read a trip report of a trip done by a few guys-still like the balogh sails though.

Cogitate on what you intend if for first
Sails on a kayak can produce allot of power, power to help power to put you in trouble and power to wreck the kayak. So, think about what you want it for, what conditions, where will you be, on a lake, bay, open ocean, etc. Do you want to run downwind or be able to tack, etc. Multi day trips, ability to stow it away and repair.

Then you can listen to those who have used the products and know better if it will work for you. I would definitely check out those companies that have gotten to their 7th, 9th, 11th version of product, and learned to get the bugs out, fix what breaks and still are in business. Several companies posted meet that test.

Have both.
Balogh Sail Designs rigs have a great advantage. You do not loose a paddling kayak. You can convert to a sailing kayak once the hardware is installed in 15 mins.