Rigging a SINK for Fishing

I have a Tsunami 145 poly and I’ve been out in it 3 times so far, twice included fishing. I am, by no stretch of the imagination, an avid fisherman but I am hoping to hone my skills. I currently have a snap on rod holder that fits nicely onto the cockpit coaming as well as a small wood-handled net. Of course, I also have the pole and necessary tackle.

I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on extra rigging to add to the boat i.e. Johnny Bar, Deck Bags etc. I’d rather avoid drilling holes in the deck so something that works with the existing deck cording would be nice. Thanks for any suggestions!

wanting to drill holes about your only option is bungee cord with existing eyelets and/or tied to the cord Wildy put there.

Holes above the waterline are not a problem.

The problem I have with removable devices is that they seem to remove themselves at the least convenient times.

SINK Rigging
After more than 10years of fishing from a sit inside kayak, I finally added some recessed rod holders, an anchor trolley, and got a landing net. I added the anchor because having the ability to anchor and hold my boat downstream of an eddy pool should help. I’ve used a removable fish finder a few times, but found that it only serves as a depth finder and never really helped me find fish. I refuse to clutter the front deck of my kayak with stuff that gets in the way of fishing or paddling. Add only the accessories that are used and useful for your type of fishing.