Rigging cables for rudders photos

Easy way to hold both pedals where you want them when you pull the cables. Stick with 1/2 dowel thought it.

Other photos are showing toggle can be held in place while not using it it transport or on the water. That’s the way Current Designs does it.


Useful ideas. Thanks!

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Nice! This is the Project Boat?

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No another Extreme HV. Hopefully launched tomorrow few small items to finish. Project hull needs garage to finish painting it now. Maybe in winter at least I got it all repaired and primed ready to paint.

Mini project boat wide base seat, Sea-lect pedals, more glass in cockpit seat base area, decals :joy:, small gelcoat patches, 2000 wet dry sand, compound, painted rudder, & toggle handles updated mounting method. I need to stop looking at used kayaks. :joy:

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This boat was made for a tall tall person. Pedals are 1" from bulkhead. They are usually 4-5". I have them near the front 3rd of adjustment. Definitely can’t reach in while seated to release adjustment flag lever. Once it’s set it’s set for me. Dropped the pedal heights also as it came with Yakima sliders back in 2000. Put box end wrench on dowel with cable ties to reach in. You take paper towel over box wrench end and press nut into it. Tear of what’s left. Nut stays good but you can get the wrench off. Super glued flat washers to self locking nuts. Super glued rubber washer to back of ABS plate that goes over studs. Just can’t reach in this hull. Others I can with a deep breath, a strain, and a lunge.

I was going to glass in studs Sea-lect sells but then I have 4 holes to close. I’ll use them on the project Titan boat as it gets painted anyway no gelcoat to patch and match.

Also cut the combing legs out for the wide base seat moved the outward to 17-1/4 inches vs 16" which is stock unless you order wide base seat from CD. Titan has wide base seat as you’d expect. It’s a huge hull height wise and 35" combing length. I lost 20-25 lb. I guess when Titan is done I can gain it back plus 30 and still fit in. :joy: I think the Titan could take person 6’-8"+ and 300 lb +. Not many options for real sea kayak if you’re that size. No clue why it seems lighter than all my other CD hulls of which some are Kevlar also.

Need a washer super glue it on the nut. Don’t get it in the threads.

Good trick with the nut. Last time I ran into that sort of predicament I borrowed the neighbors 8 year old.

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I use to use plastic bag. Paper towels seem to be just the right thickness and wrench comes off easy.