Rigging for sailing....

I’ve got an old tin tank in the backyard. A 1987 15’ Gruman Sportboat. Not really a canoe, with a square stern and a beam of about 40".

I am holding it for my son to come get it someday, and after about five years, I’m thinkin’ “How can I use this thing?”

So, I’d like to learn to sail. This thing might work. And not just downwind sailing.

Does anyone have some info as to where I can learn how to rig this? I’m pretty handy, when given good direction.

Marathon Boat Works doesn’t seem to have any info on sailing their craft.

Or is this a very bad idea altogether?



Rudder,duckboards, and a sail.
I saw this rig diagrammed somewher- maybe the Old Town site?

Kind of like this?

There are a bunch of people that have set up canoe sailing rigs. They’ll chime in I’m sure.

The canoe in the photo’s is a circa 1930 Old Town canoe that had been restored.


IMO that would make a pretty good sailing canoe.

There’s as many ways to rig a sailing canoe/kayak as there are canoe/kayak sailors.

The book “Canoe Rig” by Todd Bradshaw is a wonderful way to start.

The Yahoo sailing canoe website is another great resource. I recomend joining so that you can view the pictures and files. That will give you tons of ideas. It’s a great place to ask questions too.


The Open Canoe Sailing Group is in England. I wish they were closer. Lots of good info. Check out the Beaufort Wind Scale for canoe sailors.


Canoe Sailing Magazine can be frustrating but I’ve seen some worthwhile info there.


I’ve got more links at home but those are the best places to start.

Good Luck and have fun!


try this site too
http://www.enter.net/~skimmer/ the ‘building a rig’ section should help. i think your boat would make a good sailer.

Spring Creek


Shouldn’t be too hard to do…

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Whoa, at 40" that's a beamy beast!

Believe it or not, the square stern may actually make it easier to mount a rudder for sailing purposes.

Here's one of my current sailing canoe rigs:


I'm about as lazy as they come, so I just bought my components from:


They have most of the same product line as SPRINGCREEK, but they offer a lot more options (leeboards, sails, etc.). If you're a DIY person, you can get some decent ideas from their hardware offerings.