Rigging...how to?

I will be ordering a rod holder and some mounts sometime soon, and i just want to know what is involved when i do this.

I assume there are instructions, but if top mounting on a SinK, would i need to use a sealant around the mounts? otherwise I guess it’s as simple as drill the required holes and bolt it on.

Any info would be great!

Yep, that’s pretty much it. Just make sure that’s where you want it before you let that bit rip into your boat. A little 3M 5200 Marine Sealant between the mount holes and the deck won’t hurt either.

No worries …
I’ve put many holes in perfectly good kayaks, it’s not tough at all. I use ‘Marine Goop’ to do my sealant work. What type rod holder are you installing ? I’ve got step-by-step picks of most of my SOT installations, in case you need a reference …

Measure thrice, cut/drill once. :slight_smile:

thanks for the replies.

i am considering the RAM 2000 system and either a flush mount or the regular mount.

i am not using the tube but the standard holder.

I’ll be putting on 3 mounts. 1 at the rear for travelling and 2 up front, left and right of the cockpit. I’ll move the hlder from mount to mount as i need it.(i hope i dont drop it!)

This is all going on a Pungo 100.


mounts i’m considering
here’s what i am gthinking of (also thinking of doing a decking system at the front, but thats a nother thread)

either this one (flush mount)


or top mount