Rigging your kayak for flats fishing

After fishing the flats of west central florida for the last 10 yrs, I’ve learned to utilize a few tools that greatly improve my catch rate and overall ease of operating out of my kayak. Some of these suggestions are inexpensive and super easy to implement, others are a bit of an investment, but I feel well worth the $.

  1. A rudder system : Stealth and directional ability is key to approaching while sight casting. Minor adjustments in wind and current can keep you positioned for the perfect cast.
  2. Cajun stick : this anchoring system works outstanding and replaces the bulk and noise of the traditional star type anchor. (works in up to around 4ft of water) I am currently using a 6ft polespear. A quick stab into the ground holds you solid.
  3. Drift bag (sea anchor) Using a bag about the size of a gallon container. Bought at west marine $10. You won’t believe how slow you can drift a flat hands free.
  4. Anchor trolley : use with your cajun or drift anchor for perfect boat position.

    Hope these ideas help. Now, go catch more fish !!