Riot Booster

I am 6’3 175 pounds; looking for a new allaround kayak. I have looked at a bunch of reviews on the Riot Booster, and they look pretty positive. However, I’d be willing to look at any other boats that I’d fit into as long as they have some play potential. Does anyone have any suggestions for my size, or comments on the booster?


Dr. Disco
Paddles a Booster 55. That’s probably the size for you for “river play.” If you want strictly the comfort of river running, than probably a Booster 60.

Personally, I am am lookout for a used (and inexpensive) Booster 50 for river running upper class runs.


PS. I don’t work for Riot but I am a fan of their boats, at least up to last year’s models.

lol, you mean corran’s designs!
Yeah I agree though about the really great Riot kayaks (Dom, Disco, Booster, etc.) The Booster is an excellent kayak for river running. It’s loose, easy to roll, and yet very capable of being thrown around if you’re in the upper weight range.

Pyranha I4 or H3
depending on what you are looking for - try the I4 for a more “river running play boat” - in the Medium size - and the H3 as an “true river running” kayak - the booster’s been around for a while -

For river running and some

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playing what about Pyranha I:4, medium volume, so you can throw it down easier? They have a nice ratchet system for getting the paddlers in nice and snug. Try asking Boatertalk the same question as it has more ww paddlers.

That “ego-maniac!?” Well, the guy can throw down with playboaters, take big drops with the “hair boaters”, and surf with the best surf kayakers…

Yeah, I respect his experience and perspective on boats. :slight_smile:


Have To Ask…

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Jim, you work for Pyranha or what? You've seem to be everywhere recently pushing Pyranha boats. Nothing against Pyranha boats though...

BTW, If you work for Pyranha, go ahead and get them to develop a dedicated plastic surf boat for ocean waves. I think the notion of a ww play boat doing it all is... well... really the in the limited realm of very top skilled paddlers making the best of the "compromised" equipment. For the rest of us, the best thing that Riot did with surf is to re-release its RM surf boat, the Boogie. Even Mega now has two plastic surf boats out there. Go ahead, man, jump on it! :)


Pyranha and P&H - US office
Just heading out to the Charleston Symposium - to represent the P&H and Venture line - yes - I do work for Pyranha / P&H in the US office. We have an awesome world wide team of enthusiasts -

if you are wanting higher performance surf - you need to look at the New Seven O. We’ve had several in the past with fin boxes - however -the new seven holds an edge like nothing else - and to balance with light weight - we opted not to put fin boxes on the Seven.


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If I see the Seven O, I will. But, I'll tell you that if you claim that it "surfs well" I'll put it against my Boogie and Mega Venom, two dedicated surf boats, and judge accordingly. Ditto for others in my surf group who wants to test ride and make a comparison.

I admit I really hate the hype of boats "that do it all." I haven't run into one yet that really isn't a "compromise" of sorts.

Also, one of my surf buddies has a SF6 which he thought would be fun in waves, especially with the fins in place. Told him it's too short to catch alot of messier NE waves and to make the sections before closeout, no matter the hype. Of course, he can butt bounce his way through the foam pile, which can be fun. He currently surfs a Mega Maruader. As he puts it himself, "Ain't no comparison."


As Sing says, I own a B55
I am very pleased with it as a river runner. I am 5’10", 190 and fit fine. I have a 31" inseam however. At 6’3" you may have a leg length problem. Before I bought the 55 I tested the 60. To me it felt like a cork and I couldn’t get it to do much of anything but surf. So if you plan stern squirts, bow stalls, carwheels, or the like, don’t get the 60. I have paddled other boats that compete with the Booster and didn’t like them as well. For example, the Inazone series are decent boats but are more sluggish and not as loose as the Booster IMO. If you want more play and less downriver, try out a Trickster (known later as the Big Dom).

Have a friend with a B50
I am pretty sure he wants to sell it because he is a little heavy for it. What is “inexpensive”?

what i’m saying is the new 7 is a super fast boat that is oriented toward waves. you take it from there and let us know…I look foward to your review. Also - if you want to loop or do anything more dynamic (more than carving) - ariel - the 7 will take you there.

It won’t compare in carving to a composite Mega - that is completely surf specific - as the Seven is not - however - if you want to get down a river - I expect the seven will do a better job. Again - different beasts.

Dr Disco, what about the Disco?
How come you’re not recommending your namesake? :slight_smile: The Disco (by many Disco fans), is supposedly the greatest all-around boat available. I’ve personally never paddled one but I’d love to try one sometime.

Actually I recommend the Disco

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It is an excellent all-round boat and I would never part with mine. Its only problem is that it is difficult to roll with a c-to-c for some persons starting out. You need good form, a strong hip snap, and the ability to delay the peak energy output. However, with a sweep roll or an EJ roll there is no problem. The Booster is more forgiving of sloppy technique and has more room for stuff if you are paddling with less experienced paddlers. If I have a choice, right now, I prefer my Dragorossi Fish, then the Disco, and then the Booster. If I am lazy, doing harder water, or paddling with beginners I go with the Booster. All that aside, the Disco is likely too small for someone 6'3".

Jim Hager… what is the difference
between the I:3 and the I:4?

In my dreams i would like an I:3 large model, but I am balancing it off to the WS Diesel that i have never even seen… any comments about the two. I have paddled the I:3 momentarily and love it.

I currently paddle a Big EZ and wouldn’t mind something for larger water and a little faster. Hell, i want it all. Thanks…


the I4’s compared to the I3.

I4 has improved foot room and higher knees. Also a touch more volume in the stern so it does not tend to grab is much - along with a more forgiving edge.

The i4 ended up being more comfortable - more forgiving - and maintained playability - however- paddlers find it easier to through around because it is more balanced too.

The Diesel is a different boat - very similar to our H3. Which are higher volume river running boats - both are nice designs. The H3 came out originally 5-6 years ago as the H2- then evolved into the h3 3 years ago.

If you have any questions - email dinver at our office - - he is in tune on all the Pyranha boats.



Pyranha and P&H - US office

I just bought a new drysuit to accommodate my increasingly heavier middle age body. So I am on a more passive, keep-my-eyes open mode. So if he does sell, email me a price and I’ll know then whether I can afford or not.