Riot Brittany

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Has anyone paddled this yak? If so, please provide your impressions. It was a 2006 "Paddler's Pick" and received an outstanding review from Paddler Magazine.

BTW- I e-mailed Riot a week ago as to where I might view this yak and have received no response. One of our local kayak shops told me that Riot has been requesting them to be a dealer. It could be that they have no local dealers and that is why they don't respond to inquiries.

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have you talked to carl and john’s
in Madison? I believe they are Riot dealers. Even though they carry the whitewater and recreational lines, they still should be able to order the sea kayaks for you if you manage to find one to test and you end up liking it.

Thanks Schizo- I’ll contact them and

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see what they know. Cooldoctor- in the link it's almost the exact same length, width, depth, weight of the Tempest 165 with a seemingly higher seat back.

Too high seatback to roll? Someone…
…may be able to tell you, but that is important. The Prijons have, according to the Cuda review, a high seatback making it harder to roll (according to the reviewer), and as you know, our seatbacks do not even some above the coaming (like the Riot).

Ooops, sorry.
I thought this was a new doll based on the faded pop star. My mistake.


Oops Jim Ya did it again!

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sounds like a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen ;-)