Riot Edge 11

Anybody have experience with this Kayak? I think from multiple posts in other threads most of you know I’m looking for a crossover type kayak. I’ve been looking mainly at the Dagger Axis 12.0.

However, for some reason I can’t find any dealers that carry the Riot Edge 11 or 13 for me to even see.

Anybody have impressions of this kayak? Or can compare it to the Axis?

Edge is a small boat

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It seems the Edge 11 and 13 are low volume kayaks. You would probably want to carry less then 180 lbs, including the paddler, paddle, gear, water, food, etc. The deck height is 12.5" so this boat seems meant for someone small with small feet. I would say if you weight more then 160 lbs look elsewhere. They have touring kayaking deck lines which is nice. The Edge has a slightly smaller cockpit. Also, the Edge weighs a lot less -- the Axis plastic is pretty thick, plus the center bar and seat add some weight.

It seems this kayak was on sale somewhere, since a bunch of people have been asking about it. I may have seen it once at a REI but don't remember it. Seems like it might be a discontinued boat, given the sales and that no one is carrying it. The biggest kayak outfitters I know in PA and NJ do not seem to carry Riot at all. The problem with shopping online is some boat lines are just not available where you live.

The Dagger Axis 10.5 or 12 are both high volume boats and can handle bigger paddlers. Deck height for the 12 is 15.25". The rule of thumb would put the Axis 12 at about 235 lbs max but I have put a bit more in mine (280 lbs) and it still paddles fine. My size 12 feet in a NRS Paddle wet shoe are very comfortable.

Both are about the same width and from what I can see from the Edge the hull design seems somewhat the same.

I thought so
I was thinking the same thing about the model being discontinued. Every dealer that they have listed on their website doesn’t even carry Riot anymore. At least in my area anyways.

I’m wondering if the Riot brand in general is being discontinued…

They have had trouble in the past…

Yeah. Something doesn’t smell right there. I guess I will cross them off my list.

I have a Riot Edge 11

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or at least an earlier variant, the Azul Mystic 10.5 (Azul was/is a sub-brand of Riot; the Mystic 10.5 is 11 ft long and indistinguishable from the pre-2012 Edge 11 - the seats have been changed this year).

Like the OP, I was attracted to the Edge/Mystic because of storage space considerations. I bought my boat early in 2011.

I am 5ft 10, weigh 160lbs and have size 12 feet. I have not found the Edge 11 too small for either my feet or my behind. My brother-in-law who is slightly shorter, but significantly heavier (210 lbs?) had no difficulty paddling the boat. It had no problem with his weight either.

I have not weighed the boat (the only sure way to know) but have no difficultly placing the boat on my (quite high) car roof.

Most of the time, I just mess about on local (slow) rivers and smaller lakes. The Edge 11 is fine for this. The cockpit is not huge like some other recreational kayaks and has built-in thigh braces which do help me to edge the boat for turns. The skeg is helpful in the wind, but is not really necessary. I have found it most useful when paddling very, very slowly while trying track or photograph wild life...

Overall, outfitting on the Edge is good with front and rear bungees and perimeter deck lines. The rigging is very useful for self-rescues. The seat is bit basic, but I find it comfortable, at least during trips of 2 or 3 hours. As I noted above, the seat has been revised for 2012. The floatation bag in the bow is good, but a bulkhead would be better.

Regarding Riot's past history and distribution and writing as someone with NO insider knowledge, it seems to me that Riot is in some kind of “re-building” phase and that the web-deals at REI are an attempt to get increase visibility. I guess they did loose dealers in 2009 when their "parent company" went bust and all production was moved offshore to China, but that I think that is in the past. Perhaps as relevant is that they also lost one of their owners in 2010, when he left to join Point 65N to handle N. American sales for that company. Riot never really disappeared from Quebec (where the brand is based and where I live) but at least one major chain switched in 2011 from stocking Riot to Point 65N boats. I wonder if the same thing didn’t happen elsewhere. This year I have seen more Riot boats back in stores and the web-site has just received a major up-date. They have also just purchased Boreal-Design and apparently (according to their Facebook page) started production in Canada and Europe. I don’t think there is any thing “fishy” going on here, rather a small manufacturer trying a different web-based strategy to increase sales.

Would I recommend the Edge 11? Yes I would, as I like mine very much, but having a local dealer and the opportunity of trying a boat before purchase is a big plus. I believe the REI return policy is very good, but other boats to consider that may be more available locally would include the Venture Flex 11 and Pont 65N’s XO 11.

Sorry for the long post.

Riot Edge

I bought the Edge after researching and trying out most kayaks in the 11’-12’ and price range. I am totally happy with it, especially the drop skeg; it makes a world of difference. The only modifications I made was adding foam around the knee braces,foam where the feet rests and added two extra side handles. The seat could be better (I find the backrest too high wearing a paddling PFD) but I plan to install the updated 2012 version in it. Frankly there is not many things “wrong” with it. The outfitting / rigging is top notch, especially the metal braided wire for the drop down and its multi-position slider, the quality is superb except slight bottom deformation. If anything it is on the heavy side. I am a 5’-5", 140 pounds male.

Models considered;

Necky Rip…too fat, like sitting in a bathtub;

Dagger Axis…close runner up;

Delta Catfish…mehhh;

Elie Straight 120…close to buying but the finish around the coaming was rough and sharp;

Old Town Dirigo 120…loved the dashboard and the seat.

Venture Flex 11…strongly considered but the drop down skeg wire was fabric plus the slider location was questionable.

All in all, the Riot Edge won by outshining all of the above in all categories. Having extra disposable income the Current Design Vision 120 would be at the cottage simply because of the weight. A different animal altogether though, being constructed of composite at a featherlite 28 pounds vs 42 for the Edge.