Riot Edge 13

Anyone own one of these? If so how’s the quality? Also I might be buying one of these even though I can’t find one to sit in first, REI says I can immediately return it if I don’t fit :slight_smile: If you do have one, I wear a size 13 shoe, think I will fit? I’m also 6’3".


I have a riot edge 11
and like it very much. The outfitting includes a lot of neat features and it handles nicely for a short kayak. If I had bit more room to store my kayaks, I would consider the Edge 13, especially at REI’s present price.

I’m 5ft 10, weigh 165 lbs and have size 12 feet. I (and my feet) fit fine in the Edge 11. Still, Riot describe the Edge series as being low volume. You are quite a bit taller than I am; It’s quite possible you won’t fit.