Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 or Boreal Design Epsilon P100?

I’m looking to buy my first kayak and I’ve narrowed it down to these two boats (due to availability, size, features, etc). I’m 29, 5’10" and weigh 140 lbs. I have been kayaking on and off for years but have never owned my own. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time in a larger size version of the Epsilon and i did like it. It’s a little longer than i was originally looking for (16.5’) and putting it on my small sedan might be a challenge that i have not attempted yet. I was thinking that the Riot Edge might be easier to transport and store but I don’t have the option of trying it first. The shop i went to said they can can order any Riot or Boreal Design Kayak from their catalog. They are available at around the same price range, so that isn’t so much a factor.

Has anyone owned either of these boats and could make any recommendations? If suggesting other kayaks, I’m looking for around this size, and I would prefer if it came with a rudder.

Surprising to me for living so close to the ocean, lakes, reservoirs, I’m having trouble finding shops that sell kayaks, especially ones that let you try them out first. I would have prefered buying used so I tried craigslist, but have not had much luck finding something that suits me. I found a shop that offered a lot of advice and would let me try any kayak in their shop but they only sell sit-on-top fishing kayaks. If anyone is in Southern California and knows a good place to get ocean kayaks that would be helpful as well.

I forgot to mention that i will mainly be kayaking in the bay and ocean for single day trips, but also some lakes and reservoirs.

No experience with either, but as you paddled the Epsilon and liked it, why not if it fit you well? While it’s 10 pounds heavier than the Edge, I think the length makes it a better boat for ocean paddling.

I don’t think it’s wise to purchase any boat you haven’t paddled for a few hours. Any sea kayak meetups near you where you might be able to try some boats? There’s some good buys on used sea kayaks at

Not sure what you drive, but you mentioned a sedan. I carry a 17-foot kayak on the roof of my subcompact Honda FIT. Just be sure to use bow and stern tie downs with whatever rack you have.

Pnet member @Peter-CA is an ACA certified instructor from California; perhaps he might have some suggestions.

On local SoCal places for kayaks, @Rookie 's suggestion for a club is a good spot for local info and used boats.

On shops, been a while since I’ve been to the shops down south, but the shops that had the most sea kayaks when I was last there (most shops are just SOTs and SUPs):
Aqua Adventures, Mission Bay/San Diego
Southwind Kayak Center, Irvine
Xstreamline Sports, San Pedro

Aqua Adventures was by far the best of these. High end sea kayak shop, used to be run by the first female BCU coach in the US, Jen Kleck.

Thank you guys again for the help, I visited Aqua Adventures and they were extremely accommodating and helpful. All the guys/gals there were very patient as i tried many kayaks, one after another. I can’t recommend them enough if you are in the area.

I tried another Boreal Design, a Necky Elias, an older Seda (not sure the model), a Wilderness Systems Tempest, and the Boreal Design Epsilon 200. It just reassured me that the Epsilon was the right one for me.

As soon as i get a rack for my car i will be picking up the Epsilon, now i just need to decide if i should get the slightly smaller P100 or go with the P200 that i tried. Although I’m thinking I would be fine either way: the P100 is only smaller by 1/2" width and 6.5" overall length, I can’t imagine it would make a drastic difference.

I’ve hauled our Epsilon P200 on my Sonata before without issue. It’s my wife’s boat so I’ve only paddled it a few hours, but it’s very easy to like. It tracks well, comes up to speed quickly and it’s easy to keep there. Extremely stable and confidence inspiring, which you should like. The hatch covers are great and the one one the day hatch is super-easy to remove and re install on the water. The rudder is fine, just standard in form and function. The only real negative is the weight, which you don’t notice on the water. I think the Epsilon is a good choice. I’ve never paddled the P100, but at 140# and no plans for big trips, you’d probably be fine with the P100.