Riot Quest 10?

Anyone use this rec. kayak? I have been thinking of buying one. Ive also been keeping an eye on CL but everything nice is sold before I have a chance, darn full time job…lol.

No personal experience, but…
I haven’t paddled this boat, but I like the dimensions. For a rec boat, it is fairly narrow with low freeboard and a tight cockpit. All of those are features I personally desire in a boat. The weight capacity is really good for a 10’ boat, as well. But, my experience with Riot boats has left me with an impression of inferior quality, especially with that contour fit seat. It tries to give the same features as a Phase 3 seat, but it just doesn’t work. If you haven’t had a chance to get in one and play with this system, I highly recommend it before purchasing.

In the same price and size range, you can get a Perception Prodigy with a higher quality Phase 3 seat, although the boats dimensions are too N. American for my taste, even if only barely wider and higher than the Quest. Not to mention you’ll lose 50 lbs of weight capacity with the Prodigy.

In short, the Quest seems to be a better performer, judging by its dimensions, but the Prodigy is going to give you less grief. Just my opinion.

BTW, it appears the Quest is being clearanced out at most dealers. Buy it from REI so you can return it if you don’t like it. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Prodigy 10 was probably going to be the one I was going to pick up but then I seen the Riot and it looked pretty sweet, plus it was on sale which was even better but also made me a little weary. I can buy it cheaper at REI including shipping than buying the Prodigy at Gander here in Fl… I wish we had an REI.

Riot Quest

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We have been using a couple of Riot Quests as part of our rental fleet for about 6 years now. The Quest is reasonably light in weight and tracks reasonably straight. Our Quests have been popular and have held up very well. I agree that the seat back is a weak point. However, you can easily take out the stock seat back and install a backband. If you like everything else about the boat, don't let the seat back hold you back!

Back Band
Very true, that’s a good idea.