Riot sea kayaks

Does anyone know about the reliabilty of Riot sea kayaks. I am cosidering buying a Ultra sight unseen. I am hoping that their fiberglass is as good as everyone elses. Also does anyone have an idea if a child can comfortably fit in front hatch as their web sight claims. Or would I be better off buying a tandem. My grand daughter is only four and won’t be doing any paddling but I want to take her along.

i wouldn’t
I don’t know. I wouldn’t buy it thinking your grand daughter would ride in the front safely, if something happens and the front gets swamped, you’re screwed. or if you flip and your front compartment is full of water you won’t be able to bail it out. kids tend to move around and disturb balance and the boat isn’t overly wide at 23’’-average for single but i dont know. you can buy a sit on top and let her ride on the front. very easy and safe. or a recreational kayak with a big huge cockpit

I’ll second that
Exactly what I was thinking

A better route…
Some suggestions from Grandparents & Grandchildren that we have started into kayaking together;

  1. Get yourself a composite sea kayak that you feel you fit and “click” with. Best way to do this is by trying out a bunch and/or take trips or classes using different styles of performance sea kayaks.

  2. Get a child’s kayak like a Prijon Flipper or an EPIsea that’ll allow your grand daughter to join in the adventure of paddling with Grandpa till she’s about 10-11 years old.(then she’ll need a different boat) Remember she won’t always be four years old but if she gets hooked into paddling early she’ll always want to go out paddling with Grandpa. Make sure she gets a kids specific pfd like an Astral Otter and a nice light (but durable) paddle like a Mitchell Escape.

  3. Get and learn how to use a short tow rope so you can be the motor to pull her along on the “boring” parts so she can play her hands in the water, fish, have snacks and take a break. Might work the other way too that she will tell you to go faster so as to make bigger splashes on waves.

    Anyway you slice it, good for you for looking to make for a special time for both of you to have an adventure.

    See you on the water,