Riot Sprint

Hey I was thinking of buying a riot Sprint Kayak Has anybody used it or have it ??? could someone give me info on its tracking, maneuverability, and stability please???

Don’t have experience with the Sprint
but I think it’s a nice looking boat, and I do have a Riot Evasion which I’m very happy with. I think it’s basically the same hull and they have many things in common although I believe the Sprint has a slightly larger cockpit (and, of course, is shorter). I really like the Riot long boats. The fit and feel of them is a little different from your basic vanilla boats so you might want to test paddle it a couple of times, but once you get used to it, I think you’ll really like it.

I’m speaking from my own experience… your mileage may vary.


Riot Sprint
I have Riot’s Sprint and wouldnt hesitate to recommend it. I find it tracks well and is very responsive when using the knee braces, going exactly where you want it too. I have only had the kayak since April of this year but have been on many lakes since and in all kinds of weather.

It cuts through 3 to 4 ft chop with almost no effort. I also do a lot of photography and stability is not an issue at all.

The only minor negative I have so far is weight, but thats only if you portage a lot. 50 lbs is light enough when your just taking it on/off you vehicle, but carrying it for half a mile along with another 40 lbs of gear cab a bit trying.

I know this reply might be a bit late but hope it helps