Riot Waveski

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it's long, wide and probably 18 lbs pound heavier than a performance waveski... Still, I give Riot credit for making this and building a bridge for the white water folks and the SOT surfers into higher performance surf crafts. This shows more guts and support than any of the current North American companies have shown for the sport.


Here is what Corran has to say

Do you know who used to make the boat?

Similar to Rapido?
Have not seen a an old OK Rapido for a while, is this fairly similar? I think its about 3 inches wider. Did you see anything about how much they are going to sell it for?

Even If Corran Were Right…

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and this is from a mold of an old waveski, it will still provide a transition platform for those wanting to get into surfing or on a waveski.

The size of this waveski will allow beginners to get right on and be stable and catch rides on smaller waves because the size of that ski will plane much quicker than the tippy, high performance skis which are meant to be pocket rockets.

I am betting that this "old" ski will still outperform the crop of current SOTs being used in the surf. Corran may be missing the point... He is thinking high performance for current surf paddlers. This ski is seems more targetted for those just crossing over to surf (despite the hype). No intermediate or advance surf paddler, looking for higher performance, would consider this waveski. They would be moving up to a custom craft, or high end composite model.


I think he would agree with you.
Otherwise he wouldn’t have said “cool” at the end. But whatever, I think you are right on.

please put the WS Kaos into perspective
… for me. I just spent a good couple of days surfing in Maryland on one with thigh straps and really liked it. How does it compare with other “low end” surf craft?

listening to the crew at boatertalk
about something like this is a two edged sword. You have people like corran addison who is very much like the derick hutchinson of ww and surf kayaking. he will give an opinion on all new products, but you have to filter it through his lens.

And the other posters are typically jaded, been there done that folks.

To me it looks like a Walden Milo, which makes sense because that mold was up for sale.

One of the better choices
Kaos is one of the better sit on top surf kayaks, you can actually surf better than most people in whitewater boats (don’t tell them that though). At the Santa Cruz surf kayak event for sit on tops the competitors are usually Kaoses or Cobra Strikes.

Not Necessarily For Beginners
I don’t think the target market here is necessarily just for beginners. Maybe also for SOT surfers looking to move up.

But at 34#, you would be missing one of the major advantages of moving up to a waveski from a SOT.

I Respectfully Disagree
I have owned and surfed both the Strike and the Kaos. While the overall quality of the latter boat is better, there are some design flaws that make the Kaos a marginal surf craft.

Most notably, the butt well is set too far back, causing the craft to sit aft heavy. This makes catching waves a tad more challenging and once underway, the boat will tend to “speed boat”, creating a plowing affect that scrubs off speed on the wave face.

A second flaw is the single scupper hole. Not only does it not allow water to rapidly flush from the cockpit…when the craft is moving with any speed, it acts like a “blow hole”, squirting H2O square in the rider’s face. And finally, the configuration of the graduated foot slots places painful pressure on the outside of each ankle.

As a result, I would rank the Strike ahead of the Kaos as a surf boat.

I know what you mean about the blow hole

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Make sure you've grabbed your last breath before running down the face of a wave or you'll inhale a bunch of sea water.

I've heard others complain about the foot slots. Personally, I had no trouble with them. I think it depends on your personal anatomy. I don't have especially big calves either. I can see how that might be a little painful after a while.

I did not find the rearward seat placement to be a perceived problem. I made sure I leaned forward to gain speed and then leaned back to lighten the bow when necessary. However, if I tried a Strike I might say, "Ah, I see what you mean."

I loved the way the boat turned. You can pretty easily do a 180 with a single stroke. Carving turns is a gas as well.

And you don’t want to get caught “deep” on a Kaos! It will Pearl! Trust me!

And those footwells rubbed my ankles raw.

It does look just like the Milo, now that you mention it!

I was interested in a Milo, but could not find one on the West Coast

It Does Look Similar As Well As
the dimensions. Hmmm… Never understood how that got into the Walden line-up, considering that everything, except for the milo, more of the middle of the road variety.


I would Think…
The Riot Waveski would have a bit more maneuverability than the Kaos, given shorter length, sharper rails and shape that favors steering off the back.

Hopefully, the fin boxes allow for adjustments in trim.


Actually we agree- on Strike anyway
I paddle a Strike and not a Kaos.

I currently have SBADD (surf boat attention deficit disorder), this summer I’ve been paddling a Strike, an old Mike Johson Mako, a Jive and just bought an Australian waveski. Working on staying upright on the latter while paddling out, so far have not crashed while on a wave but the surf has been pretty pathetic lately.

I also suffer from SBADD! A mere passion for paddle surfing has turned into a full blown obsession. So far…I have owned a W.S.Riot, a Strike, a Kaos, three Infinity wave skis and two closed deck surf-specific kayaks. And I feel the uncontrollable urge to acquire a WaveSkate.

Somebody stop me!!!

I Am Laser Focused…
on my high performance Island Waveski. My Venom is waiting eagerly for winter surf and my attention. The custom high performance red Islander is sitting in the basement patiently, thinking I’ll get you next summer…

Dawn patrol on Irene surf coming up.