Ripped my Kokatats

Has anyone done patch repair on Kokatat PacLite (Gor-Tex)?

New blow down on the Yellow Breeches (central Pennsylvania) forced a portage through knee high, beaver-gnawed pointed stumps. I didn’t see one and ripped a 1" x 3" L-shaped hole in my pant leg.

I went to the Kokatat website and found instructions for their patch material. I’ll call customer service tomorrow for further info.

I’m thinking I’ll need to sew (actually I’ll take it to someone who really can sew) the tear first, with zigzag stitching and backing to stabilize the tear, and then apply the patch material.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


sounds like you’re a D.I.Y.-er
if it were me, I’d just pop it in the mail and send it to Kokatat. I’ve had them add various things and make various changes from time to time. Linda is really good people to deal with. Be sure to call ahead and get an order number though. And write your name inside your suit.

you canget a goretex repair patch
at some of the big ABC stores…

really do not want to sew it…the paclite is light…really light…

i would first place a piece of scotch tape on the outside of the tear lining the edges up as perfect as possible…

then turn inside out and put a line of superglue to seal the tear…after about 10 minutes you can remove the tape and voila you have a great repair…light…durable…strong…you can then back the tear with the gore patch if you wish…

this removes any holes you would make by sewing it over…

(this comes from 13 years of kitemaking/flying/repairing materials just like paclite (sans waterproof parts))


Talked with Kokatat today
Thanks for the suggestions.

I talked with Kokatat today. Customer Service said the patch kits will not fit that size tear and would need probably 2 kits (and be an ugly repair to boot). They recommended sending the pants back to them, with the repair cost probably being less than the 2 kits. The only down side is the 3-4 week turn around time. Oh well, spring is here in PA and it’ll soon be time for shorts. The pants are in the mail.


Ripped my Kokatats
Ouch! That sounds painful!! Will you still be able to produce offspring after this? :wink:

Good luck with the repair,