ripped palm dry suit (what to do?)

I was belaying the boats down the canyon yesterday and slipped and fell down the cliff. A bit bruised, but ripped the drysuit here and there. Pictures of the rips can be found here:

The drysuit was purchased in March-April online.

I shot off an email to palm usa, but was wondering if anyone went through the same ordeal and was it covered under warranty etc.



Aqua Seal
Small tears like that are probably most easily repaired with Aqua Seal.

McNett Gore-Text patches

It sucks that it happened, but aqua seal
it and try to forget about it.


For a professional job, I HIGHLY reccomend these guys. They replaced my neck gasket and one tear last year.

Aqua Seal
I have repaired some outdoor clothing and tents with Aqua Seal then a small patch cut as a circle or square with rounded corners pressed into the Aqua Seal and a little Aqua Seal rubbed over the exterior of it to saturate the fabric. I used ripstop nylon which you can get in patch kits from your better outdoor stores and sometimes a real good fabric store will have some. Considering the small size of your rip, I think it can be handled as a home repair job,

Why would this be covered by a warranty?
Was it Palm’s fault that the suit ripped? I’m not certain, why you feel they should pay for your fall.

You could always buy my new one…
Palm Stikine Large - unused for $650!

Ok ok. sorry.


I did not say that.
I asked “would it be covered under warranty”. I did not expect it for certain. Certain companies stand behind their product. Part of “Extreme whitewater kayaking” is getting dragged on rocks etc. The dry suit is marketed as that. I have had companies in the past honor parka’s where I ripped by falling. Some companies do go up and beyond. So I was just asking what exp people had dealing with Palm


Dont reprimand someone re:warranty
Top notch companies with excellent customer service will very often honor and repair damage to their product incurred by use/abuse despite the warranty “exclusions”. Sometimes the higher purchase price factors in this type of service. It fosters good will, customer loyalty, and creates increased sales. Examples of companies like this are: Victorinox, Osprey backpacks, Petzl, SOG Knives. When I make warranty requests for repair I usually offer to pay but almost always am declined and get the service for free.

gore patch
they work very well and will probably hold you over until you send it in (if you go that route)

you in the US?
call em - 781-831-6011

wouldn’t venture a guess as to the warranty issue but they can advise on best stop gap to repair or refer you to the folks THEY use to reapir them.

my stikine delaminated and i shipped it to CT…they couldn’t repair it and so they replaced it. got the new one this week.

good product, good customer service…all around aces in my book.

snarlfest averted
thank you Assad :slight_smile:

I used to work construction. Bringing a broken 6 foot “breaker bar” into the local Sears Hardware dept. would get me a funny look and a new breaker bar from the salesman. 25 years later I’ll still mention this story…Sears…Craftsman lifetime warranty…