Ritchie V-527 Compass

Anyone have experience with this model. I find the Brunton hard to read in its mounted location. Is this Ritchie easier to read and does it fit in the recessed area .

I’ve checked archives but not very much info there.


I think it should fit
On Wilderness Systems’ site they have a how-to video on installing a compass, and they list the V-527 as compatible with the compass well in addition to the 70P:


And if you look at the exploded diagram of the V-527 on pg. 14 of this manual (labeled 3-6 at the bottom of the page), it looks like the correct design/shape, and the following page lists the V-527 as having a low-profile mounting base.


Richie V-527 Compass
Indeed it works well but I had to loosen the retainer, adjust the angle and then reseat it in order to get it to work at the right angle.