Ritchie XP-99 compass

I am looking for a surface mounting deck compass for my lovely wife’s new to her Dagger Meridian kayak. The Ritchie XP-99 seems to be a good choice based upon availability, features and cost. I am seeking actual base plate dimensions as I cannot find this spec on Ritchie, or any other site. I do see that it has a 2-3/4 inch dial. Any opinions on the white vs black models?

Well, right after posting I did find on Ritchie site a mounting template https://www.ritchienavigation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/vy-0209.pdf that has the hole spacing dimensions and compass OD at 4.25 inches. I would still appreciate actual user inputs on the XP-99 and color choice.

Andy, a mistake I almost made was buying a Meridian from Sunrift. I loved the boat but the only way to get me in it was to remove the seat. This was back when I was just getting interested in sea kayaking and they did their best to convince me that being shoehorned into a boat was normal. Not with this body.
Good to see you are still paddling.

Was going to say from memory I thought it was there. I was looking around the site few weeks ago.

I agree the Meridian is too small for me. But just right for wife Julie.

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Did you consider Ritchie that Current Designs sells it’s a bit bigger I think.