Rithchie Compass

-- Last Updated: Apr-21-04 8:19 PM EST --

I just talked to Doug at Novus Composites. He said that the Ritchie kayaker S59 compass works well on their kayaks. What do you know about these compasses? It's a flush mount (but not through the hull like the Brunton/Nexus 70P), attached with screws but removable compass.

they work well,$ 35-40for the 2 different models at west marine.

Mine Works Well
I have a Richie Compass in my Revenge Sit on Top. The mount is a little strange. It is right between my feet. It works great.

There is a …
…compass ‘well’ on the NC, forward of the cockpit, ahead of the rigging (about 18-20") that it will fit into perfectly. So, should I order it? Anybody need a new Brunton 70P?