River clean ups...Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse! A season's greetings

Kayakken in FL collects trash while paddling. His focus is on fishing gear as the line itself and hooks are a hazard to wildlife and people. Since paddling with him me and a few friends save all the gear we find. Some of it is reusable for fishing. He makes mobiles, ect. from the stuff too.

Here is the Christmas tree in his Ocala Forest cabin. Happy holidays to everyone!
PS some of them he said were from the bucket full I gave him while staying at his cabin and paddling with him.


Very nice. Is your friend’s name kayakhank?

Tell Ken I said “hey!”

His name is Ken and is handle here in the past was kayakken (I think that was how he wrote it). Thing is since I first paddled with him in the Okefenokee Swamp, he seems to exclusively paddle a We-no-nah voyager he bought from string years ago.

Bobbers Frank and I collected on the Saluda River cleanup we did.

kayak ken in his canoe…
Okeefenokee, GA

Juniper Springs Run, FL

Congree NP, Cedar Creek, SC

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Will do :smiley:

I wish it was bobbers and lures I found around here on cleanups. My tree would be full of beer cans, single flip flops and shoes (never a pair), assorted sports balls (everything from golf to basketball), busted toobs and old tires. Here is the results from one day on the San Marcos river in TX after a big flood. And yes, that is a half a kayak. We had to saw it off as the rest was buried deep in the river bed.


I have the same wish as you! We get much more than bobbers unfortunately!

Some photos of a cleanup and what 2 solo canoes gathered. We didn’t even get half of it as you can see from the log jams full of trash. We keep the bobbers and lures for Ken.



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That’s how the Trinity in Dallas looks. We have taken to trying to keep the log jams broken up a bit which helps. Most of what we get come right out of the storm drains, so its never ending.