river gps

Any recommedations for a good river gps app or gadget? Often we don’t have cell reception where we paddle so I dont’ know if a phone app will work, but when we’re doing a new river it would be nice to know where we are and how far from the take out. Thoughts?

most any for hiking

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Most any for hiking would work for you. Of course, get waterproof one. Use Topo maps rather than Navigation Charts, unless you are paddling wide rivers that have commercial traffic (barges and the like). Get one that gets good reception if you are using it in canyons or under trees with little ability to see the sky (most current models do this already).

Your phone's GPS function will work even outside of cell range, but it won't be able to download maps. If you have maps loaded on the phone, then it would work just fine.

Gizmo for speed?
While I have a cellular iPad (but no smart phone), I’m not enchanted with the thought of taking it with me kayaking. Besides, the screen is hard to read in bright light.

Do you know of any electronic gadget that would measure distance traveled and paddling speed? Something simple - maps not necessary since I carry a hard copy of the lake map I’m paddling.


The simplest

Find one or one like it even cheaper on ebay.

Checking it out
Thanks for the link.

Also found another possibility, the Bia. http://store.bia-sport.com/

Marshall of the River Connection uses a Bia. Will ask his opinion.

Google Earth
Check routing with Google Earth. GE may have a view of your run during low water showing rapids, channels, left/right/center. Coordinates are entered into the GPS as a route.

This is gizmogadget fun an very effective. I posted a review of the Yakima east of Seattle in American White Water using the GE/GPS routing during low water.

GE set paths for running shallow pool an drop water, flawless.

Only once at McDonalds did I 180 back upstream and across catching the flow.

The GPS needs facing horizontally up if your floating canyons. Always. So holding the unit or dangling it from your torso is un-functional.

I have an external antennae like an XM antennae but durabble. If you paddle often with GPS, consider using it from a drybag, running the coax out of the bag thru a nylon thru fitting bolted down on the bag with nylon nuts and washers over 3M 5000 sealant or locktite vinyl fabric adhesive ( Home Depot or Walmart…fittings McMaster-Carr)

If no dry bag, tape all seams with 3M 33 colored electrical tape. E tape tapes to itself. Clean surfaces with isopropyl an papertowel.