river/lake kayak recommendations

I’m about to finish a kayak class and I’ve got a reliable roll now. I’d like to get a sit-in kayak that I can use on mild whitewater or on lakes. I want something suitable for use with a spray skirt and that isn’t too hard to roll; I have had a much easier time rolling with kayaks that are more rounded on the bottom and are a bit longer than more flat-bottomed types. I’m looking for something under $1000. Just about everything I see around here are recreational types that wouldn’t work for me, so I’ll probably have to special order.

I’m 6’1 and 230 lbs. What would you suggest?

shop used
People will suggest the models they think best fit the conditions you describe. But you can get a lot of value by buying used, particularly now when there’s a buyer’s market. The classifieds in this website have a pretty good variety available.

crossover kayak

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I would consider a crossover kayak - preferable something with a skeg (which will make the flat water paddling more pleasurable).

I am just a little smaller than you (6' and 220 lb) and use a Jackson Karma RG. I have also used a Dagger Green boat which had a skeg custom added, and that was nice (though not likely anyone else would add a skeg).

One of the larger Pyranha Fusions may also fit the bill.

The Liquid Logic Stinger falls into this class, but I think you will be too large for it.

Edit - additional possible choice would be a P&H Hammer.

Perception Carolina although it might
be a little tight for you

second that advice for your
intended use. “Crossovers” fit the bill for your style of paddling. Previous list is great.