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What is the best way to create a river map showing miles and points of interests. How do you get this to windows movie maker?

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If it was me, and it was a river …
that has never been mapped before, I would paddle it with my my garmin Map 76 GPS.

When I finished, I would down load the trip to “Map source” or if you have other stuff, National Geographic Topo.

On the data that you down load, there is a set of coordinates given for about every ten feet and is in the log.

I would then take a large blank sheet of paper and layout longitude and latitude lines and the scale would depend on the length and coverage of the river.

From that I would plot the various necessary waypoints on the chart that would give me every turn and probably every few hundred feet of straight run.

It sounds like a interesting project!

There are probably better ways, but that is how I would do it.

When you are done, just film you chart, and go from there

You could always use Google earth



What are you wanting to do here?
Make a movie about the trip? create a log? write an article about the adventure? archive your trips for posterity?

I often log trips with the google maps features. I don’t have GPS so the POIs and such are estimated positions as are hazards and such.

Are you taking photos or video along the trip as well?


River Mapping
I am canoeing down the Illinois River( the one in Illinois) in May. Because it is a major shipping route, there are navigation charts publicly available. Most rivers won’t have these. I am also taking along my GPS unit. Google earth is great for mapping out my trip and could work for you. I just marked places of interest on Google earth and typed them into my GPS unit. I also found mile marks online that had the coordinates of each one. But maybe for you, you could just map it out in Google earth.

With google earth you can also export quicktime files. This feature may only be in the Pro version, I am not sure.


river maping
Wow, Im new and the response to my question so quickley is impressive.

Make a movie about the trip? create a log? write an article about the adventure? archive your trips for posterity?

Yes to all of the above.

The goal would to have a trip on a DVD so you can show it to friends. This would help them to know how long the trip would take, areas of intrest, and take out areas.

So if I could get my map from google to windows movie maker I could put in with ny pictures to show were this was taken.

As of now the only option I see is that I print my google map scan it back to the computer and then maybe put it in movie maker.( My scaner is not working)

What I want to do Is go from google map maker to movie maker directly. Anbody know how?

river maps
I have some examples of river maps combined with pictures in my “Paddling with a Camera” blog:


South Platte, Dismal, Missouri and “Lakes” are Google maps. Older maps (Poudre, Big Thompson) were created with Garmin MapSource.

I was using Google Maps API Tutorial by Mike Williams