River Maps

I have spent several hours on the net trying to find river maps with no luck. Can anyone tell me where I can go to find maps of the rivers in Alabama. HELP

Try these sites. They have links to


(you may need to join to get all features.)



dude, the rivers only flow one direction: down stream.

I got great maps for the Upper Delaware
River from the “Delaware River Basin Commission”. Maybe you have a “Basin Commission” for the river you are looking for maps for.

BTW, these are teriffic maps and did not cost a bundle either. It’s treated paper and even

they even show interconnecting roads.

You want waterproof maps from
either Atlantic Mapping located in Marietta, Ga or Carto-Ceaft located in Alabama. If you can’t find them let me know and I’ll send you their address. I have used the Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer for the states on my long trips.

Paddlin’ on


That’s not always true
Along the coastal areas of Florida/Georgia the closer to the ocean you are, the faster the rivers flow in both directions with the tides. If you don’t plan your trip with the tides you could easily paddle against the tide both going out and coming back in.

You can’t even keep water off your maps?

I would like to Thank everyone that responded. You were very helpful and there were some great links that I hadn’t thought of. So again THANKS.


Alabama river maps
Next time your in Tuscaloosa stop by the Oil & Gas building on the UA campus. They have all of the TOPO maps for the state for sale. $6 each if I remember correct. They have a freebie of the state with all of the watersheds of each river.

DougD is not limited to paddling downstream. Upstream with a pole works too. And maps are great info for put-ins, dams, etc.


No matter which direction…

…it’s flowing, it’s still downstream.

True, downstream may change direction, but it still

flows downstream.

It’s like, “I bet you $100 you can’t put your left shoe

on first.” Because regardless of which one you put on

first, the other one is the one left.

armed & dangerous
I am now the owner of seven lake maps which has the conecting rivers from ATLANTIC MAPPING and the book PADDLING ALABAMA by Joe Cuhaj and Curt Burdick. I consider myself armed and dangerous now. So lets get the party started. Can’t wait to hit some of the rivers in the area.