River route planning.

My name is Q and i am planning to canoe from indiana, to jacksonville florida, i have a good route planned i believe, that should only require portage at one location(for more than going around obstacles) and i was wondering if possibly there was a website that has all navigable rivers and and such, that allows me to check conditions in real time. thank you in advance for your time,



they monitor the river flow rates - that can be interpolated - if you know what a minimum flow to be paddleable is, for example. I’d guess that most “navigable” rivers have gauges, but many smaller streams that might be navigable won’t have a gauge - and I guess it depends on your definition of navigable.

Cut backs at USGS
They’ve taken a lot of monitoring equipment out

  • its expensive to maintain and keep on line.

    Aerial photographic sites like Google Earth will show

    dams, weirs and obstacles when viewed on high resolution

    aiding navigation planning.

you can veiw USGS site history …
… river and creek gage site readings on USGS can go back in history . You just type in the date to retrieve from … to the present . See how the water levels change over a period of time .

Truly , thanks for the input, and so quickly. This will be the longest trip i have done so far, but i believe it will be an adventure lol. thinkin on puttin it on to see if any would wanna row along, but in todays day and age i of course worry about character…i blame to much csi …anyhow i digress. thank you all for your replies


CSI, indeed
Yeah, maybe you should cut back on watching such shows that give you a skewed perspective on your fellow humans. Paddlers are overwhelmingly good people, usually very generous, hospitable and helpful folk. I think you will have better success on an adventure such as you are planning if you lighten up and trust people. Meeting people along the way for both companionship and aid is one of the greatest pleasures of such trips.

im trying to figure
Out your route that allows for only one portage, care to share?

Ryan L.

Say, didn’t you used to be omnipotent?
Q, aren’t you the one from Star Trek that always had to dumb things down for humans, aka, lesser beings. I can see where that might make for akward moments on a long paddling trip!

And this route with no portages, does it by any chance involve, um, levitation?


It’s not the show…
Personally it’s not the show itself that makes me wary of other people. I’m wary of people that actually WATCH those shows. I don’t get it.


or else

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the crazy inventor of all the implements Bond, James Bond, got to play with in his movies. Yeah, CSI, you got to be kidding me. Entertainment via the tube is one thing, and I loved James Bonds gadgets and over the top plots, but CSI is just drama, and artificial(from the minute at a time I've seen while finding the remote), and most drama, is freakin' sad. I wouldn't hang with anybody who watched crap like that, and fortunately I don't have to 'cuz we have real lives.

thanks !! (troll love)
thank you for those who gave, well frankly troll responses, you have failed, but as for the route i am plotting it on a digital map, i will put it up as soon as i complete it, once again, thank you for the positive input, trolls, lolz, move on to the next forum that may have young kids like you who will rise to argue with you shrug

im willing to bet
That you have hung out with someone that has watched csi.

Ryan L.

Maybe he’s thinking

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of the Calusahatchee R.-L. Okeechobee-St. Lucie Canal route. Lots of powerboat traffic. Why take a shortcut anyway? There's some really nice scenery & camping from the 10,000 Islands, through Florida Bay to the Atlantic. I would however, suggest getting lots of info about that stretch before heading out.