River running boat for big guy?


I started paddling last year. I like my Pungo 140 for easy flatwater stuff with my kids, but am looking to supplement it with something a bit more maneuverable for doing some rivers. Nothing serious, class 1, maybe class 2.

Problem is that I’m 6’4/290 lbs. I don’t know if anything will be super maneuverable with me in it. :slight_smile: I don’t really haul a lot of gear, mostly day trips.

Prefer a kayak, but am open to giving a canoe a try. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m pushing right up against the weight/height limit of the top end of most of the whitewater boat ranges (LL XPs, SuperHero, etc), so not sure that they’d get me much in the way of performance.

Any suggestions appreciated.

demo the XP10

Any 14 plus foot solo will do ya.
I would look into Wenonah, Bell, mad River, or Mohawk. Anything over 14 feet should be fine, but you will like one boat more than the others. The Wenonah Rendezvous may be what you are looking for Argosy is a bit smaller.

I have a Vagabond that I would not hesitate to run in class 2, but I am about 100 pounds less than you, you may want a bigger solo.

how about a
LiquidLogic Deuce Coupe SOT, set up for solo paddling. gives you the option of bringing along a friend too

with the optional stern wheel you don’t even have to carry it to water’s edge.