River Saw

I know its been asked before, but I searched the archives and cannto find it.

I’m looking for a good saw to keep in my WW boat for the removal of trees and strainers. I used to have a SVEN folder but that got lost this weekend in a little bit of a swimming incident.

Suggestions? Personal reccomendationd please!



River Saw
Gerber has a nice little folding tree, might take a look. I just took a look, plenty of Gerber brand saws to choose from.


get anuther sven they rock! and they are the only ones that are big enough to get the big brances! I have also tried the pocket chain saw, the SVEN is better!

Bought this one as it seems to have a little more capacity than the Sven


Have used it several camping trips and it works well.

we like the Sawvivor, also.
It’s light, but seems to be durable. We are careful to cut straight because we don’t want to bend the frame or snap the blade. So far, we’re satisfied. It handles 8"logs.

What A Saw
"As seen on TV What-A-Saw" Love it

I second the What-A-Saw
This little beauty is one of my favorite pieces of gear. Mine is a little different than the current model. Mine came with three blades, a course wood blade, a fine wood blade, and a hacksaw blade. The current model comes with a course wood and a hack saw blade. It is not as light as the sven saw, but does use standard size bow saw blades, so no expensive blade replacement.


Here’s a link:


Hate to just repeat other’s recomendations but cliff jacobson racomends either the sven or the sawvivor as well. He suggested that you go with one that will accept standard replacement blades which will also allow you to then select a blade specific to what you are cutting (hardwood, softwood, or deadwood). You could also try a small wire saw when you don’t think you’ll need something bigger although don’t expect to get through anything bigger then wrist size. For cheap collapsible saws bkww.com did have the folding Columbia’s for like $7 I think. This was ages ago though, I don’t know if they still carry them.