River Shorty + lash tab

I received a Gerber River Shorty as a present and apparently I have no idea how to attach it to the lash tab on my PFD. What am I missing? Or, should I even bother to attach? Mostly rec paddle on small creeks & rivers during daylight hours…


If it’s the same as the Gerber in the
Pnet store, don’t try. I got one last month and the sheath is far too wide to fit on the PFD tab. But it holds great on the shoulder strap. That’s where I placed mine, and it’s a very firm hold there.


use d a butter knife
to pry it on the tab


I know what you mean
I put 2 Shortys on 2 different PFDs. It took some careful work to get them on, trying not to tear the tab/PFD. The tab doesn’t stretch. They’re on for good. I’ll have to cut them off when new PFDs are needed.

It’s not easy
but it’s not impossible, with a lot of determination the same butter knife that you used to put the sheath onto the tab can also be used to pry it off. I did it when I changed PFD’s.

I almost gave up but I didn’t want to cut the tab and eventually I did get it off.

,Do not use the lash tab
I mount mine on one of the nylon straps on the side of my PFD. I used a zip tye with the (blunt) tip up at the top. This allows the knive to pivot fore and aft and it says out the the way, all the time. If it hits something, it just moves out of the way. Been there for 2 years now and has not caused any problem. It is still easy to yank out with either hand and it does not get in the way of any type of re-entry.