River Speed?

Entering my first race soon. On flatwater is the middle part of the river considerably faster than the sides? Lots of bends on this river. Do I want to be in the middle of the river or does it really matter? Thanks.

Pick up a copy
Of Peter Heed’s book " Canoe Racing". He spells it all out for you on just that subject.

all things being equal … yes
If the river ran in a straight shot with no obstructions, the water is faster in the middle.

In truth, no river – unless managed the the US Army Corps of Engineers – is straight and you will find the faster water over the main current, so you’ll need to learn how to read the river.

Normally the current goes to the outside on bends, but not always.

And, if the river is close to tidewater or there are unseen underwater obstructions, all kinds of options open up and things get more complicated …

So, perhaps you should buy that book, or just get out on the water and figure it out for yourself.

Just follow the bubbles and be one with current.

And cut the tangents unless…
the inside edge is shallow.

Also keep in deep water. When you hit shallow water, (suck water) it is just like putting on the brakes.

As you round a bend make sure you don’t get caught in the eddy.



Just follow
jackL and Nanci. They are going to beat you on a river run any way…

Yea except when we get too excited…
and swim!

Speaking of River Races; will we see you tomorrow at the Chattahootchee ?

Need to know if we need to pickup the first place “dark beer”



Hey Danahow
When is the race?

What River?

Are you racing a canoe or kayak?

What make and model boat?

Keep us posted.