Riverjammer Canoe???

Recently purchased a 12’ solo canoe made by the River Jammer Canoe Co. in New Hampshire. I’ve searched all over the 'net trying to get info on this canoe and/or the mfg. Can’t find anything. I’m hoping the someone in this forum gave give me some info. Anyone? Thanks!

Had One
and sold it. Was too tender for me and the better half really didn’t like it at all. I don’t have much info on it outside that it was made in NH but I don’t know where or if they are even in business anymore, a big doubt it.

I did find that some weight helped with keeping from being so tender and I did manage to pole it without falling in but man, that was tough. Here’s a link I found that may help if you enter the HIN:


Good luck on getting more info. Please post if you find more info.


Had one…
Thanks! I searched the Coast Guard HIN index and found River Jammer Canoe Co. in Brentwood N.H. They went out of business 12-28-2001.

Does anyone else have any experience with these boats?

River jammer 12 ft single canoe.
Basically the company is defunct.

I just bought this boat because it was a good deal.

After paddling the boat, I still think that.

The initial stability feels slightly tippy because of the V hull. The secondary stability is excellent. The boat tracks well for a 12 ft boat and it holds its line well. If your j stroke is strong it paddles with little effort. If not it tends to twist on the axis.

All in all. I can’t wait to paddle it again.

Wonder how many others are out there.

River Jammer Canoes were made by Brentwood Boat works/Michaud boat works Works in Brettonwood, NH.
Owner John Michaud. He passed away in 2016.

Any chance anyone has more info on the Riverjammer solo boat? Specifically, I’m interested in an estimate of the weight and material. There’s one posted for sale and the seller doesn’t have much info. I’m very interested, but am hoping for some more data… Thanks in advance!!